Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, January, 1938
Document Title Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, January, 1938
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date January 1938
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - iv S.S. Joshi & A.C. Sircar Download PDF (165 KB)
The Physico-Chemical Properties of Ascorb 1 - 14 J.C. Ghosh Download PDF (501 KB)
Vitamin C Contents of Indian Foodstuffs. Chillies (Capsicum) 15 - 19 C.A. Rothenheim, H.S. Mahamud & S.S. Cowlagi Download PDF (221 KB)
Dyes Derived From Acenaphthenequinone. Part VI.2-(4 -Methyl)-Thionaphtheneacenaphthylene.Indigos 20 - 26 Sisir Guha Download PDF (696 KB)
On the Anthocyanin Pigment in the Rind of Sugar-Cane (Purple: Mauritius) 27 - 30 C.J. Rao, D.G. Walawalkar & B.S. Srikantan Download PDF (207 KB)
Thioketonic Esters. Part V 31 - 36 S.K. Mitra Download PDF (258 KB)
The Determination of the Parachors of Inorganic Salts in Solutions and their Structure. Part I. Potassium Salts 37 - 42 Jamiat Lakhani & Rustom Daroga Download PDF (235 KB)
Determination of Parachor In Solution. Part II, Parachor of Inorganic Salts in Aqueous Solution 43 - 46 Sushil Ray Download PDF (149 KB)
Study of the Crystals of P-Nitroaniline and P-Nitrotoluene by the X-Ray Single Crystal Rotation Method 47 - ii Mata Prasad & R.N. Merchant Download PDF (529 KB)
Space Group Determination of the Crystals of Ortho- and Para- Benztoluides by the X-Ray Rotating Crystal Method 53 - ii Mata Prasad & A.B. Khan Download PDF (692 KB)
On Thioaldehydes and Thioketones. Part II 59 - 64 S.K. Mitra Download PDF (242 KB)
Optical Inactivity of Gelatin in the Adsorbed State at the Liquid/Liquid Interface and its use as a Measure of Adsorption 65 - 71 Chuharmal Narwani & Jalejar Sidhwa Download PDF (299 KB)
Halogenation. Part XX. Halogenation of Fluorene 72 - 76 Phideo Varma & V. Rao Download PDF (252 KB)
Backmatter i - viii unknown Download PDF (622 KB)
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