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The Indian Historical Quarterly was a journal of the social sciences in colonial India. Published quarterly in the months of March, June, September and December, the journal covered several subjects including history, literature, religion, philosophy, art, folklore, archeology, numismatics, epigraphy, geography, and ethnology. Founded in 1925, the journal was edited by Narendra Nath Law for many years and published by the Calcutta Oriental Press, Calcutta. The Indian Historical Quarterly published research articles, abstracts and notes, book reviews, excerpts from select journals, bibliographical notes and obituaries.

The key themes were politics, economy, society and culture. Published articles included Sir Jadunath Sarkar’s ‘Malik Ambar: A New Life’; D.C. Ganguly’s ‘The Eastern Chalukyas’; N.K. Sinha’s ‘The Durrani Menace and the British North-West Frontier Problem in the Eighteenth Century’; H.V. Trivedi’s ‘Studies in Ancient Geography’; Rhys Davids’ ‘The Relations between Early Buddhism and Brahmanism’; F. Otto Schrader’s ‘Ancient Gita Commentaries’; Kalyan Kumar Ganguly’s ‘Early Indian Jewellery’; J.C. De’s ‘The Earliest Phases of the Company’s Indigo Trade’; U.N. Ghoshal’s ‘The Dynastic Chronicles of Kashmir’; D.C. Sircar’s ‘Kalaikuri Copper-plate Inscription of the Gupta Year 120’; A.F.M. Khalilur Rahman’s ‘Shuja-ud-daula as a Diplomat’; A.B.M. Habibullah’s ‘Provincial Government under the Memeluke Sultans of Delhi’; and Anil Chandra Banerjee’s ‘British towards the Afghan War of Succession’.

The journal carried select excerpts from the Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Journal of the American Oriental Society, Journal of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society, Journal of Indian History, Journal of Oriental Research, Journal of the University of Bombay, Sahitya Parisat Patrika, and other journals.

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