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Title The Agricultural Ledger
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Government of India, Central Press


Started in 1894, The Agricultural Ledger was a journal of agriculture in colonial India. Key areas of focus were land, agricultural diseases, plant properties, food grains, and agricultural industries and trade. The journal’s contributors were associated with various experimental stations and government bodies in India and abroad such as the Royal Botanic Garden, Sibpur, the Department of Land Records and Agriculture, North-Western Provinces and Oudh, and the Indian Museum, Calcutta. Government officials such as the Agricultural Chemist to the Government or the Reporter on Economic Products to the Government also wrote for the journal. The journal was distributed in London, in Europe and in India.


The journal mainly published research articles and reports with relevant tables and plates. Every issue of The Agricultural Ledger presented a series, including the ‘Mineral and Metallic Series’, ‘Crop Disease and Pest Series’, ‘Vegetable Product Series’, ‘Entomological Series’, and ‘Medical and Chemical Series’. Published articles included E.W. Hilgard’s ‘The Nature, Value and Utilisation of Alkali Lands’; D. Hooper’s ‘The Properties of Indian Geranium Root’; W. Kinzel’s ‘On the Seeds of Some Species of Brassica and Sinapis with Reference Especially to those of India’; George Watt’s ‘A Plague in the Betel-nut Palms and the Destruction of the Tissues by what Appears to be a Form of Tyloses – Report on a Tour in the Khulna, Backerganj and Noakhali Districts of Eastern Bengal’; J. Walter Leather’s ‘Indian Food Grains and Fodders: Their Chemical Composition’; and W.H. Moreland’s ‘An Account of the Attempts which Have been Made to Utilize the Upland Barren Lands (Usar) of the North-Western Frontier Provinces and Oudh for Profitable Purposes’.


Occasionally, the journal reproduced reports or articles from other journals. For example, in 1901 (issue no. 5) it reprinted A.T. Gage’s ‘Diseases of Sugar-cane in Bengal’ from Bengal Bulletin (no. 7, 1900), to which the editor added an introduction on ‘The More Important Sugar-cane Fungal Diseases of India’.


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