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First published in 1922, Education was a monthly journal on education in colonial India. Every issue of the year 1930 began with the then Viceroy Lord Irwin’s quote:

In a restless and material age the special opportunity of the teacher lies in his power to instill into our children the knowledge that the object of life is not merely to obtain the maximum enjoyment from it, but that it is a far better thing to accomplish something of service to mankind in the life they enjoy.

The journal published essays, commentaries, notes, reports, speeches, conference proceedings, obituaries, book reviews, and editorials. The regular sections included ‘Editor’s Letter Box’ containing the letters to the editor, ‘Reviews’ offering brief reviews of recently published books, and ‘Editorial Notes’ giving editorial views on relevant aspects of education in India.

Contributions to the journal came from teachers in schools, colleges and universities; educationists, administrators, and intellectuals interested in education. Published articles included P.K. Acharya’s ‘Methods of Studying Sanskrit and Their Effects’; Hariharnath Kundu’s ‘The Dynamics of Life’; Anil Kumar Mittra’s ‘Tagore’s School at Bolpur’; Shrimant Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi’s ‘Surya Namaskar and Tuberculosis or Consumption’; J.S. Murray’s ‘Home Education: Fear and its Effect upon Young Children’; Benoy Bhushan Dutt’s ‘The Character and the Function of the School Library in Great Britain’; Salig Ram Chaudhury’s ‘Religion and Scholl Curriculum’; and Nripendranath Raychaudhri’s ‘Learning and Culture’.

The journal focused on teaching methods, examinations, and the patterns of examination questions. Education published the proceedings of, and addresses delivered at, conferences of various central and regional teachers’ organizations such as the All India Federation of Teachers’ Associations, U.P. Secondary Education Conference, Punjab Teachers’ Conference, Bombay Presidency Secondary Teachers’ Conference, and All Bengal College and University Teachers’ Conference.


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