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Title Teaching, A Quarterly Technical Journal for Teachers
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Humphrey Milford
Publisher Region Bombay


Teaching: A Quarterly Technical Journal for Teachers was an educational journal devoted to teaching methods and teachers’ education. Founded in 1928, the journal was published by Humphrey Milford at Oxford University Press, Bombay. The journal’s editors included H.R. Hamley, H. Champion, and M.S.H. Thompson. Teaching was published in the months of September, December, March and June. The journal published essays, commentaries, notes, correspondences, book reviews, and book lists. The main themes included secondary education, educational broadcasting, teaching methodologies, English language and grammar, library science, class teaching, child psychology, rural education, school management, and ideas of discipline and punishment.


Contributors to the journal included school teachers and headmasters, instructors of teachers’ training colleges and officers from government and educational services. Published articles included S.C. Goswami’s ‘The Teaching of Rural Classes’; F.G. Pearce’s ‘Teaching Children in Self-discipline’; H. Champion’s ‘Teaching the Use of English’; G.S. Krishnayya’s ‘Classroom Questions and Answers’; W.M. Ryburn’s ‘The Assignment Method in the Teaching of History’; J.G. Frewin’s ‘Science in English Schools’; Amy B.H.J. Rustomjee’s ‘The League of Nations and Education’; Jaideva Singh’s ‘The Teaching of Music in Indian Schools’; and F.L. Brayne’s ‘Scouting and “Uplift”’. The journal examined the problems and issues relating to examinations and the scope for improvement in teaching and students’ performance in English, Chemistry, Science, History, Sanskrit, and Music.


Apart from publishing book reviews, the journal provided the lists of books received as well as references on various subjects and themes considered useful for teachers and students alike.

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