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Title The Educational Review
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Language English
Publisher Name Varadachari & Co.
Publisher Region Madras


Founded in 1895, The Education Review: A Monthly Record for India was a monthly journal devoted to all subjects of educational interest. One of its early editors was T. Denham. Published by Srinavasa, Varadachari & Co., Madras, the journal carried articles, reports, proceedings, notes, biographies, letters, notices, and reviews. The ‘Editorial Notes’ of the journal dealt briefly with issues such as ‘Indian Universities and Civil Service’, university syndicates, teachers’ conferences, ‘the Constitution of Indian Universities’, ‘Technical Education in Bengal’, ‘Discipline in Bengal Schools and Colleges’, university unions, ‘Science Teaching in India’, ‘Importance of the Vernacular’, university fellowships, and ‘Industrial Education, university grants, and teachers’ associations.


Some key areas of interest were the education scene in India, Burma and Ceylon, university and competitive examinations, women’s education, and student life. Published articles included S.C. Mookerjee’s ‘The Indian Civil Service Examinations’; G.E. Hodgson’s ‘Women and Cambridge Degrees’; Isabel M. Sullivan’s ‘The Ideal in Education’; R.V. Krishnaswamy Iyer’s ‘Student Life in Madras’; E.J. Sizer’s ‘Educative Recreation’; T.R. Ramanadha Aiyar’s ‘The Dravidian Languages’ and J. Lazarus’ ‘University Extension in Relation to Popular Education’. The journal published reports and proceedings of various teachers’ conferences as well as convocation addresses of the leading universities.


From its third year, the journal began to publish a series of short biographical sketches of eminent educationists in India, including D. Duncan, William Miller, J. Vansomeren, Rao Bahadur S. Seshayya, and J. C. Bose. ‘The Teachers’ Guild’ section published advertisements of posts and job opportunities; and ‘Educational Intelligence’ published the results of examinations, such as the L.C.E. Examination of the Bombay University as well as the Matriculation, B.A. and M.A. Examinations.

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