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Title Journal of the Andhra Historical Research Society
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Founded in 1926, the Journal of the Andhra Historical Society was a quarterly journal on history. The Andhra Historical Society published the journal to fulfill its avowed objective of promoting historical research in Andhradesa and recording the results of such research. B.V. Krishnarao Garu was the editor in the later 1930s. The journal had a special focus on ancient Indian history. Journal of the Andhra Historical Society published articles, notes, book reviews and reports, and carried illustrations.

Historians, archeologists and researchers from academic institutions across India contributed to the journal. Published articles included: R. Subba Rao’s ‘A Brief History of the Eastern Kadambas of Kalinga’; O.C. Gangoly’s ‘Who Were the Satavahanas?’; A.D. Pusalker’s ‘Authorship and the Date of Mrcchakatika’; D.C. Sircar’s ‘Unhistoricity of the Kaumudimahotsava’; C.S. Srinivasachari’s ‘Charles Philip Brown – A Survey of His Services to South Indian History and Telegu Literature’; B.V. Krishna Rao’s ‘Ruins of the Buddhist Period on the Mound of Sarangadhara at Rajahmundry’; K.A. Nilkanta Sastri’s ‘Rajendra I and Choda Bhima’; G.V. Sitapati’s ‘The Soras and their Country’; Lanka Sundaram’s ‘Revenue Administration of Northern Circars’; M. Somasekhara Sarma’s ‘A Note on the Mandasa Plates of Anantayarma’; P. Srinivasachar’s ‘Dual Kingship in Ancient India’; K.R. Chatterjee’s ‘The Pasuapata and Other Saiva Schools of Philosophy’; Muhammad Shahidullah’s ‘Jainism in Andhradesa’; and V. Raghavan’s ‘Prakrita Inscriptions of the Kings of Andhradesa’.

The journal also published the proceedings of the Society, which included the proceedings of the Managing Council of the Society, annual reports of the Society, account of receipts and expenditure, reports of the librarian and curator, and lists of members of the Society.

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