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Title Industrial and News Edition of the Journal of the Indian Chemical Society
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Indian Chemical Society
Publisher Region Calcutta


Started in 1938, the Industrial & News Edition of the Journal of the Indian Chemical Society was a journal on the chemical and life sciences. The journal was published quarterly under the joint auspices of the Indian Chemical Society and the Institution of Chemists. The journal was run by a board of editorial correspondents that included members from both the Indian Chemical Society as well as the Institution of Chemists. The members included J.K. Chowdhury, B.C. Guha, K.G. Naik, C. Barat, S.K. Basu, and S.A. Saletore. Originally, the journal had an Editor-in-Chief, a position later taken over by two Editorial Collaborators with an Assistant Editor. In 1950, R. Chatterjee and B.K. Mukherjee were the journal’s Editorial Collaborators and G. Banerjee was its Assistant Editor.

Key themes included chemotherapy, famine and food research, and chemical engineering. The regular sections of the journal were: ‘Technical Research Notes’; ‘Notes & News’; ‘Reviews’; ‘Indian Patents Literature’ (later ‘Indian Patents’); and ‘Where to Buy’. The book reviews were detailed and critical. ‘Indian Patent Literature’ carried the lists of patents held by scientists working in India and companies operating from India. ‘Where to Buy’ provided a list of shops in which chemicals were available.

Scholars and experts including professors, scientists, chemists, pharmacists, and researchers from various institutions contributed to the journal. Published articles included Niramala Pada Chatterjee’s ‘Citric Acid from Molasses by Aspergillus Niger’; N.R. Dhar’s ‘Mechanism of Exothermal and Endothermal Induced Reactions and a New Method of Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen’; N.S. Varier’s ‘Studies on Travancore Lemon Grass Oil Part I &II’; H.B. Dunnicliff’s ‘Note on Electric Extraction of Sodium Carbonate and Bicarbonate from Natural Soda’; Cyril S. Fox’s ‘Minerals for Chemicals’; K.G. Naik’s ‘Organisation of the Scientific Research in U.S.S.R.’; and U.P. Basu’s ‘Structure of Compounds in Relation to their Anti-malarial Activity’. The articles were accompanied by diagrams, figures and tables.

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