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First published in 1940, Indian Farming was the journal of the Imperial Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). In its early years, the journal was edited by U.N. Chatterjee, and had an editorial committee. The committee comprised government officials, professors and scholars; Sir Herbert Stewart, Vice-Chairman, ICAR; Major G. Williamson, Animal Husbandry Commissioner with the Government of India; J.N. Mukherjee, Director, Imperial Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi; F.C. Minett, Director, Imperial Veterinary Research Institute, Mukteswar; K.C. Sen, Director of Dairy Research, Bangalore; Birbal Sahni, Professor of Botany, Lucknow University; T.W. Millen, Head of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Allahabad Agricultural Institute; S. Krishna, Bio-Chemist, Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun; and M.S. Randhawa, Secretary, ICAR. The editorial committee, in its work of examining papers received for publication, was assisted by ‘a large number of scientists working in various parts of India’.

The journal published original articles on agricultural research, notes, reports, and reviews. Published articles included M.S. Randhawa’s ‘Trees and their Habitat’; Hamid Khan’s ‘Development of Fisheries in the Punjab’; James N. Warner’s ‘Dairying in India Tomorrow’; B.B. Mundkur’s ‘Imported Grain: A Warning’; T.S. Krishnan’s ‘Improvement of Quality in Market Eggs’; Z.A. Hashmi’s ‘Poultry Industry in India’; M.P. Singh’s ‘Apple Grading and Packing in Kashmir’; R.S. Vasudeva’s ‘Virus Diseases of Potatoes in India’; and M.F. Hosain’s ‘Production of Fodder Grasses in India’.

The regular sections included ‘What are the Scientists Doing?’, which provided ‘short notes on research in progress anywhere in India’; ‘What Would You Like to Know?’, which contained ‘questions of general interest with or without suitable replies’; ‘From All Quarters’, which offered ‘information of a miscellaneous nature, of interest to the general public, facts, observations, etc’; ‘What’s Doing in All-India’, which dwelt on the state of research in agriculture in various parts of India with reference to lectures, field studies, and courses; ‘In Other Lands’, which provided accounts of the development of agricultural research in select countries other than India; ‘The Month’s Clips’, which summarized the research and academic activities in the field in India; and ‘New Books and Reviews’, which provided a list of newly published books and reviews of select works.

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