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The Indian Journal of Economics was founded by Professor H. Stanley Jevons of the Department of Economics, University of Allahabad in January 1916. The journal became the organ of the Indian Economic Association, which was founded in 1918 with the object of general advancement of economic knowledge. Published quarterly in January, April, July and October, the journal had the stated ‘three-fold object of providing a medium for the publication of articles on Indian Economics by authors of academic standing or authoritative position; furnishing a convenient vehicle for publication of original investigations; and disseminating information about the economic activities of other countries’. According to information available on the journal’s back cover, the January issue was the Special Conference Number and contained ‘all the papers read at and proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Indian Economic Association’. Since 1949, the journal dissociated itself from the Association. The Indian Journal of Economics has continued uninterrupted publication to date.


The journal published Articles, Notes and Memoranda, and book reviews. It also published lists of books received as well as lists of relevant articles published in recent periodicals. The editorial board comprised well-known economists, scholars and teachers. In 1949 the board included M.C. Munshi, R.N. Poduval, Abdul Qadir, M.K. Ghosh, P. Narayana Prasad, and G.D. Karwal. The articles published in the journal included Kastur Chand Latwani’s ‘Fundamentals of Economic Planning in Free India’; Y.S. Mahajan’s ‘Forest Resources and Possibilities of Their Exploitation in Union Karnatak’; M.M. Mehta’s ‘Corporate Size and Rate of Profit’; Karuna Moy Mukherjee’s ‘The Problems of Agricultural Indebtedness in Bengal’; M.C. Satyanarayana’s ‘Cardamom Industry in India’; Girja Kumar’s ‘A Note on Some Problems Arising out of Payment of Compensation’; D.V. Ramana’s The Genesis of Ricardianism’; V.K. Narasimham’s ‘Price–Wage–Tax Subsidy Policies as Instruments in Increasing Output’; and Arun K. Datta Gupta’s ‘State Financing of Refugee Rehabilitation in India’.


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