The Indian Journal of Economics, July 1951
Document Title The Indian Journal of Economics, July 1951
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publication Date July 1951
Subject Commerce and Industry
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - viii M.C. Munshi, R.V. Rao & R.N. Poduval Download PDF (729 KB)
National Income of Bihar 1 - 32 S.R. Bose Download PDF (1.46 MB)
Notes and Memoranda
Hicks’s Theory of the Trade Cycle: a Comment 33 - 38 V.V. Bhatt Download PDF (305 KB)
Standardisation of Musters and Occupations in Sugar Industry 39 - 46 Mohan Vishwen Download PDF (398 KB)
Food Rationing and Nutritional Standards: a Sample Survey of an Urban Community 47 - 54 Baljit Singh Download PDF (398 KB)
Present Day Depression in the Indian Security Markets 55 - i B.R. Kishore Download PDF (1.48 MB)
The Late Prof. S. K. Rudra 75 - 76 G.D. Karval Download PDF (109 KB)
Economic Literature 77 - 98 unknown Download PDF (1.24 MB)
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