Indian Journal of Economics, January 1937
Document Title Indian Journal of Economics, January 1937
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publication Date 1937
Subject Commerce and Industry
Title Pages Author / Editor
Money Market in Maharashtra two Centuries Ago 241 - 248 V. G. Kale Download PDF (396 KB)
The Relations Between Human and Bovine Population Pressure in India 249 - 264 Radha Mukerji Download PDF (693 KB)
Professor Hayek’s Neutral Money Doctrine 265 - 292 B.P. Adarkar Download PDF (1.40 MB)
The Jharia Coal Industry 293 - 308 S. R. Bose Download PDF (813 KB)
Economic Interpretation of the Philosophy of Wants 309 - 314 J. K. Mehta Download PDF (243 KB)
The Growth of Population and the Factors of Density in Travancore 315 - 324 P. S. Pillai Download PDF (405 KB)
Reviews of Books 325 - 340 V.G. Kale & J.P. Niyogi Download PDF (828 KB)
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