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Title Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name E.G. Pearson
Publisher Region Bombay


The Bombay Natural History Society, founded in 1883, was a premier scientific institution of natural history and conservation in colonial India, continuing to date. Within a few years of its founding, it started publishing a journal devoted to nature, conservation and scientific research, the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. One of the longest surviving journals in India, it had several editors at various points of time. In 1952, for example, the editors were Salim Ali, S.B. Setna and H. Santapau.


The journal published research articles, notes, bibliographies, reports, book reviews, and news. The key areas of focus were environment, forestry, botany, flora and fauna, medicinal plants, and natural calamities such as earthquakes or drought. Published articles included E.G. Phythian-Adams’ ‘Jungle Memories’; Humayun Abdulali and J. Cyril Daniel’s ‘Races of the Indian Giant Squirrel’; S. Dillon Ripley’s ‘A Collection of Birds from the Naga Hills’; H. Santapau’s ‘Contributions to the Bibliography of Indian Botany’; A.M. Patil’s ‘Study of the Marine Fauna of the Karwar Coast and Neighbouring Islands’; M.D. Lister’s ‘Some Jungle Bird Associations’; S. Jones and K.K. Sarojini’s ‘History of Transplantation and Introduction of Fishes in India’; I.C. Chopra’s ‘The Poisonous and Medicinal Plants of India’; Wan Tho Loke’s ‘Photographing the Whitebellied Sea-Eagle’; Boonsong Lekagul’s ‘On the Trail of the Kouprey or Indo-Chinese Forest Ox’; and E.P. Gee’s ‘The Assam Earthquake of 1950’.


Apart from book reviews, the journal provided lists of books added to the Society’s library. The section ‘Notes and News’ mostly offered information about the Society’s activities.

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