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Title The Kalpaka
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The Kalpaka was a monthly English journal of colonial India devoted mainly to psychology, spiritualism and philosophy. Started in 1906, the journal claimed itself to be ‘India’s only Psychic and Spiritual Review’. The journal published essays, commentaries, notes, letters and book reviews.


The journal’s key themes were the mind, knowledge, consciousness, rejuvenation, telepathy, duttonism, phrenology, hypnotism, graphology, and psychotherapy. Published articles included V.R. Subramanium’s ‘Tripura Rahasya or A Practical Study in Consciousness’; Uriel Buchanan’s ‘The Art of Attainment’; J. Millott Severn’s ‘Phrenology Practically Explained’; John T. Miller’s ‘Applied Psychology’; R. Ramasubba Sastri’s ‘Dream Consciousness’; C.A. Pereira’s ‘The Bent of the Human Mind’; Sukumar Mukherjee’s ‘Experiences in Hypnotism’; and Hereward Carrington’s The Trend of Psychical Research’.


Articles on spiritual and religious themes included P.S. Acharya’s ‘The Way of Mystic Light’ and ‘Theory of Higher Yoga’; Rayasam T.L. Vaswani’s ‘Brahmavidya’; and A. Srinivasachari’s ‘Glimpses of Sri Ramakrishna’s Spiritual Greatness’. Studies on Vedic and post-Vedic philosophy were important. K.K. Gongulee’s ‘The True Post Vedic Philosophy’ was published serially. Other writings included Shiv Nath Dar’s ‘Zorasterian Ethics and Philosophy’; and A. Srinivasachari’s ‘Swami Vivekananda and His Role in Modern Life’.

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