The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute, February 1944
Document Title The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute, February 1944
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Ganganatha Jha Research Institute
Publication Date February 1944
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - iv R.D. Ranade, A. Siddiqi & Umesh Mishar Download PDF (490 KB)
Chandas 145 - 148 Vidhushekhara Bhattacharya Download PDF (164 KB)
The Maghas of South Kosala 149 - 160 A.S. Altekar Download PDF (552 KB)
Candrasekhara Smrtivacaspati 161 - 164 Chintaharan Chakravarti Download PDF (152 KB)
The Islamic Conception of the Soul 165 - 176 M.G. Ahmad Download PDF (445 KB)
Some Dated Manuscripts of the Tantrasara of krsnanand Vagisa and Their Bearing on the Limits for his Date (A.D.1500 to 1600) 177 - 184 P.K. Gode Download PDF (290 KB)
Is Candra of the Mehrauli Pillar Inscription Identical with Kaniska? 185 - 188 Dasharatha Sharma Download PDF (113 KB)
Instances of the Auxiliary Verb in the Suttanipata 189 - 192 Babu Saksena Download PDF (140 KB)
Sat Bhomika by Dara Shikoh 193 - 198 Tara Chand Download PDF (227 KB)
Some Decisive Geographical and Archaeological, Evidence to Prove that the date of the Writing of the Gita Belongs to the Period Of 3000 B.C. and Conseqently the date of the Kuru War, by Connecting it with The Flood in the Bible, and Also With the Vanished Saraswati River at Kuruksetra 199 - 208 V.B. Athavale Download PDF (414 KB)
Art and our Contribution to the World 209 - 214 Asit Haldar Download PDF (232 KB)
The Authorship of the Adhyatmaramayana 215 - 240 Raghuvar Shastri Download PDF (1.12 MB)
Research in Indian Philosophy: a Review 241 - 248 P.T. Raju Download PDF (396 KB)
Gleanings From Somadevasuri’s Yasastilaka Campu 249 - 258 V. Raghavan Download PDF (458 KB)
Reviews of Books 259 - 262 unknown Download PDF (130 KB)
Proceedings of the Inauguration of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute held on November 17, 1943 263 - 286 Tej Sapru Download PDF (984 KB)
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