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Title The Eastern Economist
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The Eastern Economist, a weekly journal, was first published in 1943 and contained articles on economics, economic history, business, trade and commerce, and the changing state of the Indian economy in the pre-Independence and post-Independence contexts. The journal published regular debates on India’s economic policy and a regular section entitled ‘The World Abroad’, which offered news on industrial innovations in other countries of the world.

The Eastern Economistalso published detailed statistics on India’s population and the growth in national income over a period, India’s trade with various western and European countries, resource allocation to the various states in the country and an index ‘on wholesale prices and security prices’.

In an article entitled ‘India and Pakistan’ in the January issue of 1950, the journal highlighted the economic hardships faced by the two newly independent states as a result of partition. ‘It is a fact that today the economic bonds which, even when fighting was in progress, always recognized the essential unity of the two Dominions, have been torn apart. Some bonds persist against the most severe of obstacles; Pakistan jute still finds its way out seeking its only outlet, which is India …’.

In a special issue on Engineering published in January 1951, it was stated: ‘It is not an accident that the word “engine” has become synonymous with motive power, in a similar sense, it is not an accident that engineering, in one or other of its forms, has become almost synonymous with modern industrialisation. To the extent that it is penetrating our own, engineering will, in time, acquire a dominant place here as elsewhere. It is therefore appropriate that “The Eastern Economist” should devote a special issue to the study of the problems which the impact of engineering is likely to involve in India at the present time’.

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