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The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research was established in Delhi, India, in 1942 as an independent body, with the aim to promote, coordinate and fund scientific and industrial research in India. In the same year, the Council first published its monthly mouthpiece, the Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research. The journal had an Editor and Assistant Editor, and was managed by an Editorial Board that comprised eminent scientists, scholars, government officials and bureaucrats.


The journal published articles, reports, notes, news, book reviews, and letters to the editor. Published articles included: S.M. Mistry’s ‘Solvent Extraction of Vegetable Oils’; Mohan Lal Khanna’s ‘Diamagnetism of Cuprous Compounds’; B.L. Gulatee’s ‘Future of Geophysics in India’; F.G. Percival’s ‘Iron Ores’; K. Rama Pai’s ‘The Patent System and its Role in India’; B.N. Bhaduri’s ‘Reproducibility Tests of Sparking Technique in Laboratory Practice’; D.N. Wadia’s ‘Reorganisation and Expansion of the Geological Survey of India’; J.H. Partridge and O. Adams’ ‘Glass Making at High Temperatures’; and Peter Duff’s ‘The Gas Turbine for Marine Propulsion’.


The journal published brief reports on the Indian Science Congress, which was held every year. The journal also occasionally brought out supplements that carried long research essays or monographs published serially. The section ‘Reports from States & Provinces’ provided information and updates on the development of scientific and industrial research in different parts of India. After India’s independence, the journal also came to publish lists of Indian patents.


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