Asiatick Researches or Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal for inquiring into the History and Antiquities of Arts, Sciences and Literature of Asia
Document Title Asiatick Researches or Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal for inquiring into the History and Antiquities of Arts, Sciences and Literature of Asia
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Brojendro Lall Doss, No. 8 Puttuldangah Street
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1806
Subject History
Title Pages Author / Editor
Introduction i - xvii unknown Download PDF (1.05 MB)
I. A Dessertation on the Orthography of Asiatick Words in Roman Letters 1 - 56 President Download PDF (3.51 MB)
II. Astronomical Observations in Fort William, and between Madras and Calcutta 57 - xii Thomas Pearse Download PDF (3.78 MB)
III. A Royal Grant of Land, Engraved on a Copper-Plate, Bearing Date Twenty-Three Years Before Christ; and Discovered Among the Ruins at Mongueer 123 - i Charles Wilkins Download PDF (879 KB)
IV. An Inscription on a Pillar Near Buddal 131 - 144 Charles Wilkins Download PDF (742 KB)
V. Some Account of the Sculptures and Ruins at Mavalipuram 145 - 170 William Chambers Download PDF (1.91 MB)
VI. Hints Relative to Friction in Mechanics 171 - 198 Reuben Burrow Download PDF (1.81 MB)
VII. Copy of an Account Given by Mr. Turner, of his Interview with Teeshoo Lama at the Monaftery of Terpaling, Enclosed in Mr. Turner’s Letter to the Honourable the Governor General, Dated Patna, 2nd March, 1784 199 - 206 unknown Download PDF (482 KB)
VIII. An Account of a Journey to Tibet 207 - 220 John Macpherson Download PDF (1,010 KB)
IX. On the Gods of Greece, Italy, and India, Written in 1784 221 - 275 unknown Download PDF (6.99 MB)
X. A Description of a Cave Near Gya 276 - 283 John Harington Download PDF (1,012 KB)
XI. Translation of a Sanskrit Inscription, Copied from a Stone at Booddha Gaya 284 - 287 Wilmot Download PDF (248 KB)
XII. Observation on the Sacha and there College 288 - 294 unknown Download PDF (471 KB)
XIII. An Extract of a Letter 295 - 299 Francis Fowke Download PDF (330 KB)
XIV. A Description of the Máhwah Tree 300 - 308 Charles Hamilton Download PDF (1,001 KB)
XV. Of the Method of Distilling as Practised by the Natives at Chatra in Ramgur, and in the other Provinces, Perhaps with but Little Vairation 309 - 319 Archibald Keir Download PDF (838 KB)
XVI. A Method of Calculating the Moon’s Parallaxes in Latitude and Longitude 320 - 331 Reuben Burrow Download PDF (676 KB)
XVI. The Process of Making Attar, or Essential Oil of Roses 332 - 339 Polier Download PDF (615 KB)
XVIII. On the Literature of the Hindus, from the Sanscrit, Communicated 340 - 356 Goverdhan Caul Download PDF (1.11 MB)
XIX. An Indian Grant of Land in Y.C. 1018 Literally Translated from the Sanscrit 357 - 375 Ramalochan Pandit Download PDF (1.08 MB)
XX. On the Pangolin of Bahar 376 - ii Matthew Leslie Download PDF (743 KB)
XXI. Inscriptions of the Staff of Firuz Shah Translated from the Sanscrit 379 - 382 Radhacanta Sarman Download PDF (271 KB)
XXII. A Conversation with Abram, an abyssinian, Concerning the City of Gwender and the Sources of the Nile 383 - 388 President Download PDF (416 KB)
XXIII. On the Trial by Ordeal Among the Hindus 389 - 404 Ali Khan Download PDF (1.11 MB)
XXIV. The Second Anniversary Discourse, Delivered 24th February, 1785 405 - 414 President Download PDF (730 KB)
XXV. The Third Anniversary Discourse, Delivered 2 February, 1786 415 - 431 President Download PDF (1.20 MB)
XXVI. Corrections of the Lunar Method of Finding the Longitude 432 - 440 Reuben Burrow Download PDF (383 KB)
Appendix to the First Volume of Asiatick Researches 441 - 484 unknown Download PDF (2.73 MB)
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