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Title The Collegian & Progress of India
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Founded in 1911, The Collegian & Progress of India was ‘a fortnightly journal of Indian educational progress in all its branches’. The journal covered various aspects of Indian education from schools to universities. The journal published articles, notes, reports, speeches, news, notices, and book reviews. The writings were organized in sections; namely, ‘Occasional Notes’, ‘The Universities’, ‘Societies and Academies’, ‘The Colleges and Schools’, ‘Technical Education’, ‘Education Abroad’, ‘What Our Students are Doing Abroad’, ‘Reviews’, ‘Science Notes’, and ‘Sporting’.


The ‘Occasional Notes’ section of the journal included articles such as: ‘His Excellency the Viceroy on the Educational Policy of the Government of India and the Training of Our Young Men’; ‘Elementary Education in Mysore’; ‘Cooperative Credit Society for Elementary Teachers in Madras’, ‘Moslem Educational Conference Poona’; ‘Medical Scholarships for Lady Students’; ‘The Madras Government and Scientific Experiments’; and ‘Education in Behar’. News from universities included reports, notices and information of Senate meetings, lectures and convocations of the universities of Calcutta, Madras, Bombay, Allahabad, Hindu University and Dacca University. The journal also published in full or excerpted the speeches of eminent scholars and educationists. Societies and institutes mentioned in the journal included the Asiatic Society of Bengal, the Presidency College Geological Institute, the Bangiya Sahitya Parishat, Astronomical Society, North Ceylon Educational Association, and the Deccan Education Society.


Published articles included W. Temnple’s ‘Educational Tendencies of the Present Day’; T.L. Vaswani’s ‘The College Ideal’; B.B. Banerjea’s ‘How to Become a Good Teacher’; Bertha May Clark’s ‘Living Versus Dead Biology’; Paul E. More’s ‘The Paradox of Oxford’; Benoy Kumar Sarkar’s ‘A Preliminary of Hindu Botany’; and Bepin B. Banerjee’s ‘A Few Facts about Child Education’.

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