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Title The Weekly Bangashree, A Weekly News Chronicle
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Rasik Chandra Bhattacharyya


Founded in 1939, The Weekly Bangashree was an illustrated English journal devoted to national and contemporary affairs, and published news items, reports and essays. The editorial writings focused on war, politics, national policy, public affairs, economy and religion, and included ‘Violence vs. Non-Violence’, ‘India – A Sleeping Giant’, ‘What Will Happen if India is Invaded Today?’, ‘Democracy – Has it Got Any Real Efficacy?’, ‘Price Control’ and ‘Is it Enough to Have Political Independence?’.


Since the journal was established in the first year of the Second World War, its editorial and other writings were dominated by discussions of the War. Other discussions included ‘Population Drive in Japan’, ‘Government and Press’, ‘Rabindranath on British Rule’, ‘Rise in the Price of Rice’, ‘Is America a True Friend of Britain?’ and ‘Mr. Churchill and Dictatorships’.


The journal occasionally reproduced articles and commentaries from international journals such as Political Science Quarterly and The Round Table.


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Publication Year 1941

Publication Year 1942

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