First publication page
Title Pantha (Naba Parjaya)
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Aghorenath Datta
Publisher Region Calcutta


Pantha was a religion and philosophy journal of colonial Bengal. Started in 1304 B.S. (1897) and based on the perceived tenets of traditional Hinduism (Sanatan Hindu Dharma), the journal aimed to address religious-minded and philosophically oriented Hindus. Krishnadhan Mukhopadhyay and Shyamlal Goswami were the journal’s first editors.

Detailed descriptions of Hindu deities appeared in the journal. Traditional icons of the Hindu religion were accorded the greatest significance in shaping everyday lives. They included Srikrishna, Lord Jagannatha, Sri Chaitanya, Durga, Jagadamba, and Maitrayee. Hindu mythologies and Puranic stories as well as short stories and poems expounded the key concepts of traditional Hinduism. Verses from the Srimadbhagabatgita were reproduced to popularize specific instructions among the readers.

Key themes included Advaita Bhahmabad, the concept of Maya (illusion), the mystery of Brahmavidya, Bhagabat, the Vaishnava tenet of ‘Murali’, Upanishadic dharma and philosophy, Karmayoga, Nirguna Bhakti, and the doctrine of the next life. Other essays dwelt upon the ways and means of indoctrination, measures to control the human senses, truest methods of worship and rituals, explanations of the creation of the world, the road to salvation, and the virtue of pilgrimage. Writers emphasized the power and significance of Mother Goddesses in Hinduism.

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