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Title Archana
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Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sudhir Kumar Chandra


Archana was a monthly Bengali literary and review journal published from 1904 (Falguna, 1310 B.S.). Poems and stories were contributed by writers such as Krishnadas Chandra, Umacharan Dhar, Sarasibala Devi, Nagendranath Som, Nalini Ghosh, Fanindranath Roy, Dharitri Devi, Keshab Chandra Gupta, Jibendra Kumar Datta, Brajasundar Sanyal, and Fakirchandra Chattopadhyay. Book and literary reviews were a hallmark of the journal.

Among the themes covered in the various issues of Archana, history predominated. Of the critical essays, mention may be made of Keshab Chandra Gupta’s commentary on two poems of Amir Khasru, Amarendranath Roy’s identification of the crucial moments of Bengali literature, Fanindranath Roy’s elaboration on oratory and his review of ‘Sirajuddaula’, and Brajasundar Sanyal’s essay on Jayadev. In addition, there were monthly literary reviews published in every issue of the journal. There were also some interesting commentaries on the two great Indian epics – the Ramayana and the Mahabharata – published in a few issues of the journal. Gyanendranath Ray and Ramdayal Majumdar were the two most prolific writers who used to serially write these articles. On the other hand, there were essays such as Keshab Chandra Gupta’s discussion on the game of chess.

The most impressive contributions included: Bhupendranath Roy’s ‘Itihas’ (History), Keshab Chandra Gupta’s ‘Bharate Rajshakti’ (Monarchical Authority in India) and ‘Babarer Hindustan Barnana’ (Babur’s Description of Hindustan), Durgacharan Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Barishaler Atyachar’ (Tyranny in Barishal), Umacharan Dhar’s ‘Bangali o Byabasay’ (Bengalis and Business), Brajasundar Sanyal’s ‘Sayesta Khan’, and Md. Abdul Karim’s ‘Swadeshi Andolan o Mussalman Samaj’ (The Swadeshi Movement and Muslim Society). There were a few philosophical pieces occasionally published in the journal, such as Ramdayal Majumdar’s ‘Bhaktir Kotha’ (Discourses on Bhakti or Devotion) and Fanindranath Roy’s ‘Mrityu’ (Death). Overall, despite being primarily a literary forum, a rich diversity of subjects and themes constituted the journal.


Ramayana, Mahabharata, poems, stories, literary, reviews, sports, Gyanendranath, Ray, Ramdayal, Majumdar, Keshab, Chandra, Gupta, Calcutta, India

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