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Title Arya Darpan
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Jogamaya Printing-Works, Sri Satish Bramachari


Arya-Darpan was the mouthpiece of traditional religion (Sanatan Dharma) propagated by the Brahmachari Sangha under the aegis of Assam Bangiya Saraswat Math. The Brahmachari Sangha comprised the students of the Rishi Vidyalaya attached to the Math. The journal was first published in 1315 B.S. (1908). The publisher of the journal changed from time to time. In 1930 it was published by Satish Brahmachari at Jognmaya Printing Works, Jorhat. In 1935 the publisher was Srimat Shakti Chaitanya Brahmachari. For a long time in the 1920s and 1930s, the journal was edited by Srimat Satya Chaitanya Brahmachari. The journal was devoted to religious and philosophical discussions with special reference to Hinduism. Two important regular sections of the journal were: ‘Dan Prapti’ or ‘Sahajya Prapti’ (Receipt of Donations), which acknowledged the list of persons who donated towards the cause of the Math; and ‘Sambad o Mantabya’ (News and Comments), which provided information about religious affairs and events, activities and charities of the Math.

Arya-Darpan published essays, commentaries, travelogues, speeches, stories, and poems. Most of the writings published in the journal were anonymous. The contributors apparently belonged to the ranks of the monks, devotees and students of various Saraswat Ashramas and Maths. A few available names are: Srimat Jogananda Hansa, Srimat Swami Sebakananda, Sankarprasad Lahiri, Srimat Satchaitanya Brahmachari, and Biswesswar Basu. The key themes were: ‘Atma Darshan’ (Self-realization); ‘Atma Pratyay’ (Self-confidence); ‘Upasana’ (Worship); ‘Upalabdhi’ (Realization); ‘GNorami’ (Dogma); ‘Tyag’ (Renunciation); ‘Prarthana’ (Prayer); ‘Bedona’ (Suffering); ‘Sanjam’ (Control); ‘Satya’ (Truth); ‘Shakti’ (Power); ‘Bhalobasa’ or ‘Prem’ (Love); and ‘Mrityu’ (Death). Published articles included ‘Abhyaser Upakarita’ (The Utility of Practice); ‘Atmamuktir Path’ (The Road to Salvation); ‘Charitrabal’ (Force of Character); ‘Narir Proti Abichar’ (Injustice Towards Women); ‘Soundarjer Sadhana’ (The Pursuit of Beauty); ‘Prachya o Pratichya Darshan’ (Eastern and Western Philosophy); and ‘Hindu Bidhobar Punarbibaha Hoya Uchit Kina?’ (Should Hindu Widows Be Re-married?).

The journal also published translated excerpts from and the Gita and the Upanishads. Stories of pilgrimage in the form of travelogues were published; ‘Himachaler Pathe’ (The Road to Himachal) and ‘Kailasher Pathe’ (The Road to Kailasa) were two such travelogues. The journal also published the proceedings of the annual meetings (Bhakta Sammilani) as well as the annual reports of various Saraswat Ashramas across Bengal and Assam.

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