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Title The National Magazine
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The National Magazine was a prominent English journal of colonial Bengal. Published monthly, the journal focused mainly on the arts and humanities. The National Magazine published poems, stories, essays, commentaries, travelogues, obituaries, and book reviews. The journal started a New Series in 1887.


Published articles included Kailas Chundra Kanjilal’s ‘The Influence of Rhetoric and Poetry upon Literature’; G.L. De’s ‘Causes Relating to the Sepoy War’; J.C. Dutt’s ‘The Invaders of India in Ancient Times’; Sarat Chandra Mitra’s ‘On the Feeding of Animals in Captivity’; A. Stephen’s ‘John Silk Buckingham and the Liberty of the Indian Press’; G.N. Sur’s ‘Loose Thoughts on Superstition’; Bulloram Mullick’s ‘The Poetic Radha’; Sailendra Nath Sircir’s ‘Krishna Kanta’s Will – A Study’; and ‘Girija Kumar Basu’s ‘English Opinion of Indian Character’.


The journal published serialized biographies, such as ‘Life of Benjamin Disraeli’ and ‘Life of General Gordon’. ‘Paris Letter’, a segment on France, was written under the pseudo name ‘A Frenchman’. Indian texts such as the Uttararamcharita were critically reviewed.

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