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Title Sri Gauranga Sevak
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Sri Gauranga Sevak was a monthly Bengali journal devoted to religion and philosophy. Started in 1321 B.S. (1914), the journal had an important focus on the life and teachings of Sri Chaitanya, the founder leader of Gauriya Vaishnavism in Bengal. The journal published essays, commentaries, biographical accounts, sermons and hymns, translations and excerpts from religious texts, poems and stories. The devotees of the sect contributed to the journal. Editorial comments (‘Sampadakiya Sandarbha’) were occasionally published.


Along with Sri Chaitanya, the journal focused on some leading devotees of the cult, and carried biographical accounts of Vaishnavites such as Bhakta Nidhiram, Mahesh Thakur and Mandakini, Bhakta Bhabananda, Gurudas Babaji, Bhakta Jaban Gangadas, Sribas, Mirabai, Sri Hari Basji, and Sril Gopal Bhatta. Published essays discussed critical philosophical and religious issues; for instance, Umesh Chandra Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Sri Sanatan Sikhsha’ (The Traditional Education) and Digindra Narayan Bhattacharya’s ‘Bhakti-Mahatma’ (The Glory of Devotion).


The chief tenets of Vaishnavism were elaborately discussed, key themes being ‘Sristi’ (Creation), ‘Karma’ (Work), ‘Gyan’ (Knowledge), ‘Bhakti’ (Devotion), ‘Prem’ (Love), ‘Prarthana’ (Prayer), ‘Anubhab’ (Feeling), and ‘Dharma’ (Religion). Rashik Mohan Bidyabhushan’s serialized essay ‘Sristi Tattva’ (The Theory of Creation) dealt with the creation of the universe and the world in a spiritual perspective. Contributors included Nrisinhadas Mukhopadhyay, Umeshchandra Bandyopadhyay, Bijaynarayan Bhattacharya, Jogindranarayan Sashtri, Haridas Goswami, Sushila Sundari Devi, Harekrishna Mukhopadhyay, Rakhalchandra Bhattacharya, Gopiballav Goswami, Haricharan Das and Madanmohan Goswami. ‘Kirtan’, a form of devotional music popularized by Sri Chaitanya and his followers, was discussed in some writings.


Philosophy, religion, sermon, hymns, translations, biography, Sri, Chaitanya, Gauriya, Vaishnavism, Calcutta, India

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