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Title The Criminal Law Journal of India
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name The Law Publishing Press
Publisher Region Lahore


The Criminal Law Journal of India started at the beginning of the twentieth century as a fortnightly legal publication containing full reports of all reported or reportable criminal cases of the High Courts and Chief Courts in India. Later, the journal became monthly and also began to include cases of the Privy Council and Federal Court. The journal was published from Lahore by different concerns at different points in time – the Criminal Law Journal Press, the Law Publishing House and S. Ali Bakhsha. The journal also published addresses delivered at various meetings of national and foreign bar associations. The reports of various High Courts including those of Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Lahore, Allahabad and Patna were collated in an annual volume of the journal.


Contributors included judges, lawyers, pleaders and referees as well as professors of law colleges and universities, and government officials of the legal and judicial departments. Published articles included Walter Clark’s ‘The Origin and Development of Law and Government’; E.A. Lucas’ ‘Repudiation and Abandonment’; John Alan Hamilton’s ‘Making the Punishment Fit the Crime’; James Bronson Reynolds’ ‘The Public Defender’; Robert W. Millar’s ‘The Function of Criminal Pleading’; Quincey A. Meyers’ ‘The Province of the Trial Judge in Criminal Cases’; Edward Lindsey’s ‘What Should be the Form of the Indeterminate Sentence and What Should be the Provisions as to Maximum and Minimum Terms, If Any?’; Miriam Van Waters’ ‘The Socialization of Juvenile Court Procedure’; and Sanford Bates’ ‘Honor System for Inmates of Prisons and Reformatories’.


Reports of cases contained the details of the petitioner and the respondent, proceedings and judgments. References to criminal procedures, codes and laws in relation to the cases were also mentioned.


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