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Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research
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The Indian Journal of Medical Research was a quarterly first published in 1912 by the Indian Research Fund Association, renamed the Indian Council of Medical Research after independence in 1947.

The journal was initially edited by the Director General, Indian Medical Service and the Public Health Commissioner, Government of India. They were assisted by the Director, Central Research Institute, Kasauli and a strong Editorial Board. Post independence, the editorship of the journal passed to Lieut. Colonel M.L. Ahuja, Director of the Central Research Institute based in Kasauli. From the 12th volume onwards, the subscription of the journal was revised to 16 rupees (one pound, one shilling and four pence) ‘per volume per annum post free: single copies rupees five (or six shillings and eight pence) postage extra’. Each contributor to the journal received 25 reprints of their papers free and ‘additional copies at cost price up to a limit of 50’.

The journal published extensively on the state of medical research in India and elsewhere in the world, and published a series of articles on the impact of certain epidemics on particular Indian states and provinces. For example, the October 1926 issue of the journal published the following: ‘The Prevalence of Epidemiology of Hookworm and Other Helminthic Infections in India Part III, Central, Western, Northern Bengal’, ‘The Prevalence of Epidemiology of Hookworm and Other Helminthic Infections in India Part IV, Assam and the Hill Areas of Eastern Bengal’, and ‘The Prevalence of Epidemiology of Hookworm and Other Helminthic Infections in India Part V, Tea Estates of Assam and Bengal’.

The January 1952 issue of the journal published the following articles: ‘Environmental Concerns in Printing Presses’, ‘Evaluation of a Lead Hazard in a Pigment Manufacturing Concern’, and ‘Comfort Range in Tropical Calcutta’.

The range of advertisements published in the various issues of the journal affords an idea of the kind of medical research being undertaken in India and the ever-growing range of products making their way into the market in colonial and immediate post-independent India.

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