The Indian Journal of Medical Research, January 1934
Document Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research, January 1934
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1934
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - xx J. Taylor Download PDF (2.48 MB)
Some Sources of Vitamin C in India.the Antiscorbutic Value of Various Kinds of Sprouted Mung (Phaseolus Mung) and Their Extracted Juices 467 - 474 R.C. Wats & W.J. Woodhouse Download PDF (485 KB)
Comparative Biochemical Findings in Blood of Normal and Malaria-Infected Monkeys 475 - 482 R.C. Wats & B.M. Das Gupta Download PDF (230 KB)
On Electrocardiograms Part 1. Blood-Pressure and Electrocardiographic Changes With Muscle Extract 483 - 492 R. N. Chopra, S.G. Chaudhury & J.C. Gupta Download PDF (1,021 KB)
Action of the Indian Daboia (Vipera Russellii ) Venom on the Circulatory System 493 - 506 R. N. Chopra & J. S. Chowhan Download PDF (1.32 MB)
Alangium Lamarkii:Its Chemistry and Pharmacological Action 507 - 512 R. N. Chopra & J. S. Chowhan Download PDF (361 KB)
A Preliminary Note on the Pharmacological Action of Antiaris Toxicaria 513 - 518 R. N. Chopra & Premankur De Download PDF (506 KB)
The Effect of Hexylresorcinol on Cats 519 - 522 P.A. Maplestone & R. N. Chopra Download PDF (170 KB)
Bed Bugs in Rarefied Air 523 - 524 W.J. Webster Download PDF (56 KB)
Eijkman’s Test on Water-Supplies in the Madras Presidency 525 - 534 W.J. Webster & T.N.S Raghvachari Download PDF (377 KB)
Biological and Colorimetric Assay of Vitamin a in Some Indian Fresh-Water Fish Oils 535 - 544 N.C. Dutta & B.N. Banerjee Download PDF (513 KB)
On Some Experimental Studies on Leprosy 545 - 552 R. Row & G.V. Gollerkeri Download PDF (1.75 MB)
The Effect of a Plasmodial Infection in Increasing Susceptibility to Leishmania Infection in Monkeys 553 - 556 L. Everard Napier, R. o. A. Smith & K. V. Krishnan Download PDF (152 KB)
Dermal Leishmaniasis In Assam 557 - 562 L. Everard Napier & R. O. A. Smith Download PDF (224 KB)
Effects of Insulin on the Contstractions of the Intestinal Muscle 563 - 568 S. Prasad Download PDF (293 KB)
Observations on Filariasis in Some Areas in India Part X.Gwalior State Area 569 - 580 Vishnu T. Korkf. Download PDF (721 KB)
Photodynamic Action of Methylene Blue on Fixed Rabies Virus 581 - 586 H. E. Shortt & A. G. Brooks Download PDF (234 KB)
Morphological Studies on Rabies. Part I. the Salivary Glands 587 - 604 H. E. Shortt & B. N. Lahiri Download PDF (1.81 MB)
The Pharmacological Action of Thevetoxin: a Second Glucoside from Thevetia Nerii Folia 605 - 612 B. B. Bhatia & S. Lal Download PDF (1.18 MB)
Blood-Group Distribution in the Todas 613 - 616 S. R. Dutta Download PDF (133 KB)
Some Observations on the Cardiovascular Action of Urea-Stibamine 617 - 624 J. Christodoss David & N. Krishnaswamy Download PDF (963 KB)
An Epizootic Affecting Laboratory-Bred Guinea-Pigs 625 - 626 N. G. Pandalai Download PDF (117 KB)
A Study on the Parasites of Kala-Azar and Their Distribution in the Body 627 - 634 M. N. De Download PDF (1.83 MB)
Studies on the Antigenic Structure of Vibrio Cholere. Part V. Analyses of Vibrio Proteins : Nitrogen D1Stribution 635 - 638 Richard W. Linton, B. N. Mitra & D. L. Shrivastava Download PDF (169 KB)
Contributions to Protozoal Immunity Part II.Immunity to Malaria in Monkeys and the Effect of Splenectomy on it 639 - 648 K. V. Krishnan, R. O. A. Smith & Chiranji lal Download PDF (428 KB)
The Distribution of Goitre In The United Provinces. Part Iv.Futher Notes on the Aetiology of Goitre in the Super, -Endemic Areas of the, Gonda and Gorakhpur Districts 649 - 654 H. Stott & S. P. Gupta Download PDF (743 KB)
The Distributiion of Goitre, in the United Provines Part V. Further Clinical Notes On Endmic Goitre Sub-Thyrodidism Cretinism and Deaf-Mustism in Super-Endemic Areas of Gonda and Gorakhpur Districts 655 - 659 H. Stott & S. P. Gupta Download PDF (859 KB)
Backmatter i - iv J. Taylor Download PDF (739 KB)
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