The Indian Journal of Medical Research, October 1935
Document Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research, October 1935
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1935
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i - ii J. Taylor Download PDF (1.24 MB)
Frontmatter i - xiv J. Taylor Download PDF (972 KB)
The Pathology of Some Uncommon Enlargements of Lymph Nodes Illustrated by Five Cases 317 - 336 Amar Goyle, A. Vasudevan & K.G. Krishnaswamy Download PDF (3.79 MB)
Bacteriological Studies in Acute Lobar Pneumonia Due to Pneumococcus and B. Pneumoniae Friedlander 337 - 346 S.S. Bhatnagar & Jemadar Singh Download PDF (398 KB)
The Vitamin C Content of Some Indian Food-Materials 347 - 352 R.K. Chakraborty Download PDF (179 KB)
Studies on the Protein Fractions of Blood Sera. Part IV. Epidemic Dropsy 353 - 358 R.N. Chopra, S.N. Mukherjee & J.C. Gupta Download PDF (283 KB)
Opium Habit in India. Studies on the Physical and Mental Effects Produced by Opium Addiction 359 - 390 R.N. Chopra & G.S. Chopra Download PDF (1.53 MB)
An Experimental Investigation into the Action of the Venom of Echis Carinata 391 - 406 R.N. Chopra, J.S. Chowhan & N.N. De Download PDF (1.18 MB)
Morphological Studies on Rabies. Part II. Negri Bodies in the Hippocampus Major in Street Virus Infections 407 - 436 H.E. Shortt Download PDF (2.51 MB)
The Presence of Leishmania Donovani in the Nasal Secretion of Cases of Indian Kala-Azar 437 - 440 H.E. Shortt & C.S. Swaminath Download PDF (244 KB)
Hookworm Incidence and Intensity in South India by Districts.* 441 - 446 W.P. Jacocks, J.F. Kendrick & W.C. Sweet Download PDF (579 KB)
The Non-Glucose Reducing Bodies in Blood. Part II. The Vitamin C Fraction 447 - 454 V.K. Menon Download PDF (352 KB)
Haematological Studies in Indians. Part IV. Fractional Gastric Analyses in Normal Indians 455 - 462 L. Napier & C.R. Gupta Download PDF (806 KB)
A Note on the Methylene-Blue Reduction Test for Differentiating Between Coli and Aerogenes Types of Lactose-Fermenting Organisms in Water and Feces 463 - 466 T.N.S. Raghavachari & P.V. Iyer Download PDF (188 KB)
A Preliminary Epidemiological Study of Cholera with Special Reference to Assam and Suggestions for Further Investigations 467 - 474 E.M. Rice Download PDF (452 KB)
Preliminary Note on the Investigation of Trachoma by the Technique of Culture on the Chorio-Allantoic Membrane of the Embryo-Chick 475 - 482 C.G. Pandit, R.E. Wright, R. Rao & Satyanathan Download PDF (268 KB)
The Absorption of Rice and Atta Protein in Digestion and the Question of the Faecal Residue as a Medium for Intestinal Putrefaction 483 - 490 H. Wilson & S.L. Mookerjee Download PDF (333 KB)
Some Possible Factors in the Causation of Vesical Calculus in India. The Composition of the Human Urine on Different Diets 491 - 500 H. Wilson & S.L. Mookerjee Download PDF (368 KB)
A Spectrographic Analysis of Thyroid Glands 501 - 504 N.K. De Download PDF (140 KB)
Vitamin a Activity and Ultra-Violet Light. A Simple Spectrophotometric Method of Assaying Vitamin a and Carotene 505 - 514 N.K. De Download PDF (457 KB)
The Effects of Some Products of Digestion and Accessory Substances on the Rhythmical Contractions of the Isolated Mammalian Intestines 515 - 524 R.K. Pal & S. Prasad Download PDF (1,016 KB)
The Applicability of Flocculation Tests for Standardization of Antivenene 525 - 530 R.K. Pal & S.M.K. Mallick Download PDF (230 KB)
Serological Variations in Vibrios from Non-Cholera Sources 531 - 544 J. Taylor & M.L. Ahuja Download PDF (490 KB)
The Population Problem in India 545 - 568 A.J.H. Russell & K.C.K.E. Raja Download PDF (1.31 MB)
Notice 569 - 571 J. Taylor Download PDF (178 KB)
Backmatter i - iii J. Taylor Download PDF (641 KB)
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