The Indian Journal of Medical Research, April 1936
Document Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research, April 1936
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1936
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - xvi J. Taylor Download PDF (1.95 MB)
The Adsorption of Antigens by Anti-Bodies or Vice Versa. Part II 837 - 846 B.N. Ghosh Download PDF (321 KB)
The Proteus Group : Observations on 25 Strains Maintained at the King Institute, Madras.* 847 - 856 S.R. Pandit Download PDF (415 KB)
Cultivation of Vaccinia Virus on the Chorio-Allantoic Membrane of the Chick-Embryo 857 - 864 R. Rao, C.G. Pandit & H.E. Shortt Download PDF (351 KB)
Cultivation of the Viruses of Sandfly Fever and Dengue Fever on the Choiro-Allantoic Membrane of the Chick-Embryo 865 - 870 H.E. Shortt, R. Rao & C.S. Swaminath Download PDF (748 KB)
Filariasis In Patnagarh (Orissa Feudatory State) 871 - 880 R. Rao Download PDF (517 KB)
The Viability of the ‘Infective’ Forms of the Larvæ of Wuchereria Bancrofti When Freed from the Mosquito Host.* 881 - 884 K.P. Menon & P.V. Iyer Download PDF (125 KB)
Life-History and Morphology of Babesia Canis in the Dog-Tick Rhipicephalus Sanguineus. Parts I-II 885 - 920 H.E. Shortt Download PDF (3.99 MB)
Studies on Typhus in the Simla Hills. Part IV. The Role of the Rat Flea in the Transmission of Typhus 921 - 928 G. Covell & D.R. Mehta Download PDF (360 KB)
The Growth of Embryonic Nervous Tissue in Plasma Taken from Vitamin a Deficient Fowls and Rats 929 - 936 W.R. Aykroyd & G. Sankaran Download PDF (496 KB)
The Carotene Content of Some Indian Vegetable Food-Stuffs with a Preliminary Note on Its Variation Due to Storage. Parts I—II 937 - 948 N.K. De Download PDF (469 KB)
A Comparative Study of Some Properties of Carotene and Lycopene 949 - 956 N.K. De Download PDF (365 KB)
Action of Lugol’s Iodine Solution on the Thyroxinized Heart 957 - 962 R.K. Pal Download PDF (548 KB)
The Rate of Absorption of Glucose from the Gastro-Intestinal Tract of the Cat and the Influence of Insulin on the Absorption Coefficient 963 - 972 H. Chaudhuri & B.S. Kahali Download PDF (420 KB)
Hæmatological Studies in Indians. Part V. Red Blood Cell Measurements 973 - 992 L. Napier & C.R. Das gupta Download PDF (825 KB)
The Use of Tapioca in Immunization with Snake Venoms 993 - 996 S.M.K. Mallick Download PDF (189 KB)
Studies on Indian Snake Venoms. Part I. Daboia Venom: Its Chemical Composition, Protein Fractions and Their Physiological Action 997 - 1006 S.N. Ganguly & M.T. Malkana Download PDF (418 KB)
Cirrhosis of the Liver Following Chronic Intoxication with Carbon Tetrachloride : an Experimental Study.* 1007 - 1014 M.V. Rao Download PDF (944 KB)
The Study of Epiphyseal Union for Determining the Age of South Indians. A Study of one Hundred Cases, Chiefly from the Madras Schools and Colleges, Ages Ranging from 10 to 23 1015 - 1018 M.J.S. Pillai Download PDF (124 KB)
Notice 1019 - 1022 J. Taylor Download PDF (194 KB)
Index of Authors 1023 - 1030 J. Taylor Download PDF (295 KB)
Index of Subjects 1031 - xiv J. Taylor Download PDF (1.60 MB)
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