The Indian Journal of Medical Research, January 1938
Document Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research, January 1938
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1938
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - xviii Colonel J. Taylor Download PDF (2.16 MB)
Studies on the Specific Polysaccharides of the Vibrios. Part I. the Effect of the Growth-Medium 569 - 574 R. W. Linton, D. L. Shrivastava & S. C. Seal Download PDF (349 KB)
Chemical and Serological Variation in Single-Cell Cultures of VI Brio Cholerae and Related Organisms 575 - 584 R. W. Linton, S. C. Seal & B. N. Mitra Download PDF (372 KB)
An Epidemic of Cholera in a Rural Area in South India Caused by the 'Ogawa' Type of V. Cholerae 585 - 590 K. V. Venkatraman & C. G. Pandit Download PDF (218 KB)
On the Value of Wilson and Blair’s Bismuth Sulphite Medium in the Isolation of Bact. Typhosum from Diver Water 591 - 594 A. D. Stewart & S. C. Ghosal Download PDF (160 KB)
Response of the Chorio-Allantoic Membrane of the Developing Chick-Embryo to Inoculation with Various Substances with Special Reference to B. Proteus X 19 595 - 602 C. G. Pandit & H. E. Shortt Download PDF (448 KB)
Laboratory Tests on the Fungistatic and Fungicidal Effect of Various Substances 603 - 616 P. A. Maplestone & N. C. Dey Download PDF (498 KB)
The Immunization of Horses for the Production of High-Titre Tetanus Antitoxin 617 - 622 N. N. Ray & G. C. Das Download PDF (175 KB)
Vitamin-A Contents of Ghee 623 - 632 Khem Grewal Download PDF (331 KB)
Studies in Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism. Part I. the Calcium and Phosphorus Content of the Soft Tissues of Normal Rats 633 - 642 V. N. Patwardhan & R. G. Chitre Download PDF (477 KB)
The Treatment of Stomatitis Caused by Diet Deficiency 643 - 646 W. R. Aykroyd & B. G. Krishnan Download PDF (194 KB)
Skimmed Milk and the Growth of School Children 647 - 649 B. G. Krishnan & K. Mitra Download PDF (148 KB)
A Statistical Note on the Experiments with Skimmed Milk 650 - 654 K. Mitra Download PDF (200 KB)
A Diet Survey of a Group of Sikh Soldiers 655 - 660 K. L. Shourie & Narindra Singh Download PDF (378 KB)
Studies on Vitamin-A Deficiency. Part III. Lesions of the Peripheral Nervous System 661 - 670 M. V. Rao Download PDF (790 KB)
The Oxalic-Acid Content of Some Indian Foodstuffs 671 - 676 B. N. Majumdar & N. K. De. Download PDF (178 KB)
The 'Available' Iron in Some Common Indian Foodstuffs, Determined by the α, α’dipyridine Method 677 - 684 S. Ranganathan Download PDF (354 KB)
Phytin-Phosphorus Content of Indian Foodstuffs 685 - 692 A. R. Sundararajan Download PDF (295 KB)
The Effect on Rats of Supplementing a South Indian Diet with Calcium and Phosphorus 693 - 702 R. K. Pal & Narindra Singh Download PDF (1.31 MB)
Studies on Blood Choline Esterase 703 - 712 H. S. Mahal Download PDF (421 KB)
Preparation, Properties, and Piiarmacologica' Action of P-Aminobenzoyl-Aminometiiyll- Hydrocotarnine 713 - 722 B. B. Dey, P. Lakshmikantiiam, J. C. David & B. Kbishnaswami Download PDF (409 KB)
Red Cells, Hemoglobin, Colour Index, Saturation Index, and Volume Index Standards. Part II. Normal Indian Women: A Study Based on the Examination of 101 Women 723 - 740 S. S. Sokhey, S. K. Gokhale, M. A. Malandkar & H. S. Billimoria Download PDF (991 KB)
Haematological Investigations in South India. Part I. the Estimation of Hemoglobin 741 - 752 G. Sankaran & K. Rajagopal Download PDF (617 KB)
Hematological Investigations in South India. Part II. the Effect of the Administration of Iron on the Haemoglobin Level in Indian Girls and Young Women 753 - 762 G. Sankaran & K. Bajagopal Download PDF (619 KB)
The Absence of Effective Immunity after Cure of Protozoal Infections 763 - 778 H. E. Shortt, S. R. Pandit, K. P. Menon & C. S. Swaminath Download PDF (729 KB)
Investigation on the Isolation of the Neurotoxin and Hifmolysin of Cobra (Naja. Naja) Venom 779 - 786 B. N. Ghosh & S. S. De Download PDF (380 KB)
The Successful Transmission of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by Inoculation to Man from a Natural Lesion Occurring on a Dog in India 787 - 790 J. A. Sinton Download PDF (194 KB)
Studies in 'Effects of Heat'. Part I. Biochemical and Physical Changes in Ten Cases Suffering from 'Effects of Heat' 791 - 828 P. N. Chakravarti & N. Tyagi Download PDF (1.96 MB)
Backmatter 829 - ii Colonel J. Taylor Download PDF (855 KB)
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