The Indian Journal of Medical Research, October 1938
Document Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research, October 1938
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1938
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Frontmatter i - xviii J. Taylor Download PDF (1,002 KB)
Electrophoresis and Metabolism of some Vibrio Strains in Relation to Variability and Chemical Classification 329 - 334 R. W. Linton, B. N. Mitra & S. C. Seal Download PDF (237 KB)
Studies on Meningococcus Bacteriophage 335 - 344 Benode Sen Download PDF (480 KB)
Studies on the Utility of Ramon’s Flocculation Test in the Standardization of Tetanus Antitoxin 345 - 352 D. C. Lahiri Download PDF (368 KB)
Numerical Estimation of B. Coli by Dilution Method 353 - 378 Satya Swaroop Download PDF (801 KB)
A Papain-Casein Culture Medium for the Preparation of Bacteriophage, and Foil General Laboratory use 379 - 392 A. C. Vardon & B. K. Roy Download PDF (600 KB)
On Wassermann Reaction. Part III. The Positive Serum 393 - 400 S. D. S. Greval, B. C. Das & P. C. Gupta Download PDF (430 KB)
Experimental Studies to Guide the Selection of the most Satisfactory Type of Anti-Welchii Serum for the Prevention and Treatment of Gas Gangrene in Man 401 - 410 D. C. Lahiri Download PDF (496 KB)
The Basal Metabolism of Indian and European Men on the Nilgiri Hills (S. India) 411 - 426 K. Rajagopal Download PDF (678 KB)
A Chemical Method for the Estimation of Nicotinic Acid in Biological Materials 427 - 434 M. Swaminathan Download PDF (371 KB)
The Vitamin-A Activity of some Fish Oils and Vegetable Foods. Parts I and II 435 - 440 N. K. De, B. N. Majumdar & A. R. Sundararajan Download PDF (202 KB)
The Assimilation of Carotene by Rats from a ‘Poor Madrassi Diet’: The Influence of Skimmed Milk and Calcium Lactate 441 - 446 N. K. De & B. N. Majumdar Download PDF (274 KB)
Studies in Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism. Part II. The Effect of Toxic Doses of Vitamin D on the Ash, Ca, and P Content of the Bones and on the Excretion of N, Ca, and P in the Albino Rats 447 - 458 V. N. Patwardhan & R. G. Chitre Download PDF (524 KB)
Urinary Composition of Normal Bengalee Subjects 459 - 464 S. N. Ray & R. Ganguly Download PDF (278 KB)
Observations on the Metabolic Activity of Patients Suffering from Epidemic Dropsy. Part I. Urinary Composition of Epidemic-Dropsy Patients 465 - 468 S. N. Ray & R. Ganguly Download PDF (180 KB)
Adsorption of Hydrogen Ions by Serum Globulin and its Antibody 469 - 480 M. M. Biswas Download PDF (267 KB)
A Preliminary Note on the Chemistry and Pharmacology of the Leaves of Skimmia Laureola, Hook, F. 481 - 484 R. N. Chopra, R. G. Chatterjee, N. De & S. Ghosh Download PDF (202 KB)
Some Inorganic Preparations of the Indian Indigenous Medicine, Part VI. Samudra Phena 485 - 486 R. N. Chopra, S. Ghosh & A. T. Dutt Download PDF (84 KB)
Studies on the Protease of Cobra Venom 487 - 492 N. K. Iyengar, K. B. Sehra & B. Mukerji Download PDF (251 KB)
Cultivation of the Rabies Virus on the Chorio-Allantoic Membrane of the Developing Egg 493 - 496 N. Veeraraghavan & G. L. C. Philipsz Download PDF (213 KB)
Cultivation of Sheep-Pox Virus on the Chorio-Allantoic Membrane of the Chick Embryo 497 - 504 R. Rao Download PDF (366 KB)
Quantitative Studies on the Biology of Xenopsylla Cheopis (Siphonaptera) 505 - 530 P. A. Buxton Download PDF (1.43 MB)
On the Number of Eggs of the Common House-Frequenting Flies of Calcutta 531 - 534 D. N. Roy Download PDF (141 KB)
A Note on the Overwintering of the House Fly, Musca Domestica 535 - 536 Purnendu Sen Download PDF (96 KB)
Chemotherapeutic Study of Streptococcal Infections 537 - 540 S. P. De & U. P. Basu Download PDF (179 KB)
Haematological Studies in Indians. Part IX. The Analysis of the Haematological Findings in 57 Cases of Anaemia in Pregnant Tea-Garden Coolie Women, with Special Reference to the Results of Treatment 541 - 595 L. Napier & D. N. Majumdar Download PDF (2.11 MB)
Backmatter i - iii J. Taylor Download PDF (254 KB)
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