The Indian Journal of Medical Research, October 1945
Document Title The Indian Journal of Medical Research, October 1945
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Thacker, Spink & Co.
Publisher Region Calcutta
Publication Date 1945
Subject Science, Technology and Medicine
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i - iv H.W. Mulligan Download PDF (194 KB)
Frontmatter i - xviii H.W. Mulligan Download PDF (891 KB)
The Incideence, Type and Bacteriology of Salmonella Infection in the Army in India 177 - 194 William Hayes & Joseph Freeman Download PDF (1.17 MB)
Studies in Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism Part ViI. The Ionic Products of Calcium Phosphates in Experimentally Induced Vitamin D Deficiency 195 - 202 V.N. Patwardhan, R.G. Chitre & D.R. Sukhatankar Download PDF (521 KB)
Studies on the Destruction of Vitamin a in Shark-Liver Oil Part V. Effect of Some Anti-Oxidants on the Stabilization of Vitamin A 203 - 214 S.M. Bose & B.N. Banerjee Download PDF (453 KB)
Vitamin a Content of the Liver Oils of Common Fresh-Water Fishes of the Punjab 215 - 218 Bashir Ahmad, Ram Chand & Mansoor Hassan Download PDF (196 KB)
The Influence of Butter Fat in the Absence or Presence of Casein on Growth in Young Rats on a Rice Diet 219 - 228 Eleanor Mason, Florence Theophilus & J. Moller Download PDF (566 KB)
Investigations on the, Nutritive Value of Tapioca (Manihot Utilissima) 229 - 238 V.V. Sreeramamurthy Download PDF (564 KB)
An Outbreak of Lathyrism in Central India 239 - 248 K.L. Shourie Download PDF (650 KB)
Nutrition and Dietary Surveys in Bijapur District (Bombay Presidency), at the End of the Famine Year of 1943 249 - 258 T.B. Patel Download PDF (466 KB)
Blood Urea Clearance in Indians 259 - 264 M.L. Pai Download PDF (268 KB)
Observations on the Physiologically Active Fraction of Indian Hemp, Cannabis Sativa Linn 265 - 270 B.C. Bose & B. Mukerji Download PDF (359 KB)
Anaemia in Indian Army Recruits 271 - 284 Martin Hynes, Mohammed Ishaq & T.L. Morris Download PDF (798 KB)
Cultivation of a Protozoal Parasite of the Central Nervous System in Vitro and its Relationship to Rabies 285 - 294 N. Veeraraghavan Download PDF (645 KB)
A Rapid Method for the Diagnosis of Rabies in Animals 295 - 298 N. Veeraraghavan Download PDF (238 KB)
The Susceptibility of Indians to Cancer 299 - 314 V.R. Khanolkar Download PDF (1.30 MB)
Index of Authors 315 - 318 H.W. Mulligan Download PDF (169 KB)
Index Of Subjects 319 - 320 H.W. Mulligan Download PDF (161 KB)
Backmatter i - iii H.W. Mulligan Download PDF (149 KB)
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