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Title Bharater Sadhana
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali


Started in 1336 B.S. (1929), Bharater Sadhana was a monthly Bengali journal that published articles on religion, philosophy, history, politics, science and medicine. The journal emphasized the great Indian tradition of ‘Sadhana’, meaning austerity and meditation leading to communion with God. ‘Sadhana’, according to the journal, was based on the truths propagated by ancient Indian sages in terms of their understanding of human character (‘Manab Prokriti’) and worldly rules (‘Jagatik Niyam’). The journal sought to inform its readers of the endangering of this great Indian tradition in colonial India. Bharater Sadhana published short stories, novels, essays, discussions, letters and book reviews.


Each issue of the journal usually began with the section ‘Sadhanar Pathe’ (In the Path of Austerity), which carried commentaries such as ‘Jatiyatar Kusanskar’ (Superstitions of Nationality), ‘Shabdahe Notun Byabastha’ (New Cremation System), ‘Oikya o Sadhana’ (Unity and Austerity) and ‘Charka Shilper Safalata’ (Success of the Charka Industry). Other published articles included Khetralal Saha’s ‘Puran o Mithology’ (Purana and Mythology); Brahmachari Pranesh Kumar’s ‘Arya Sangeet’ (Aryan Music); Naliniranjan Sen Gupta’s ‘Ayurbed-Ninda – Bigyaner Naame Dhristota’ (Disapproval of Ayurveda – Arrogance in the Name of Science); Debendranath Chattopadhyay’s ‘Simon Commission o Bharat Sarkarer Despatch’ (Simon Commission and the Government of India’s Despatch); and Bipinbihari Jyotibhushan’s ‘Samudrik Bigyaner Jatkinchit’ (A Few Things About Marine Science). The journal published translations of Bhakti saint Kabir’s compositions (‘Dohas’).


The journal carried a monthly resume (‘Maash-Panji’) and noted the country’s important developments of the preceding month.

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