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Title Sonar Bangla
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Started in November 1925, Sonar Bangla was initially the monthly Bengali language organ of the Central Co-operative Anti-malaria Society Limited. However, as the scope of the Society expanded considerably and many not conversant with the language began to take interest in the journal, it was deemed necessary to publish a short summary of its contents in English. Resume, Sonar Bangla, the journal’s English version, first appeared in November 1927. The journal, from that issue, also began to act as the organ of the Bengal Co-operative Home-Crofters’ Association Limited, which developed as an organization to address the economic problems of Bengal villages.


The journal tried to offer ‘its best service to the rural Anti malaria Societies as well as to the Central Co-operative Anti malaria Society’. It published articles, speeches, reports notes, obituaries, statistics, news, and correspondences. The articles were mainly devoted to issues relating to health, hygiene and the prevention of malarial diseases. Other themes were cooperative marketing, village animal farming and village uplift. A few articles also focused on other diseases such as cholera, smallpox and kala-azar. Published articles included Nagendra Nath De’s ‘Hygiene & Prevention of Disease’; Hemanta Kumari Devi’s ‘Village Reconstruction’; K.C. Chander’s ‘Baby Welfare’; Ajit Nath Lahiri’s ‘Economics of Poultry Raising’; G. Bransby Williams’ ‘Public Health in India from an Economic Point of View’; Sailajlal Chatterjee’s ‘Co-operative Antimalaria Society and Local Self-government Bodies’; and Kalikumar Mitra’s ‘Economic Problems of Rural Bengal’.


The journal published essays and notes on how to form and run anti-malaria societies to create awareness among the general public. The journal also carried the reports of the Central and rural anti-malaria societies as well as the circular of the Central Society. The notices of the meetings of the societies were circulated through the journal.


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