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Title The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Language English
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Publisher Region Delhi


Founded in 1931, The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science was a bi-monthly ‘Scientific Journal of Agriculture and the Allied Sciences, mainly devoted to the publication of the results of original research and field experiments’. The journal was issued under the authority of the Imperial Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and published from the Central Publication Branch, Government of India. The journal was run by an Editorial Committee comprising T. Vijayaraghavacharya, Vice-Chairman, ICAR; B.C. Burt, Agricultural Expert, ICAR; W. McRae, Director, Imperial Institute of Agricultural Research, Pusa; M.A. Sampathkumaran, Professor of Botany, Central College, Bangalore; and Malik Charan Das, Secretary, ICAR. The Committee, in its work of examining papers submitted for publication, was assisted by scientists working in various parts of India. After India’s independence, the journal was taken over by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.


The journal published articles, notes, reports, notices, and reviews. The articles mainly examined the various aspects, problems and prospects of agriculture. Published articles included Khan A. Rahman’s ‘Observations on the Immature Stages of Some Indian Psyllidae’; P.D. Dixit’s ‘Studies in Indian Pulses: A Note on “Kabuli” and “Desi” Gram Types’; W.R. Thomson’s ‘The Biological Control of Sugar Cane Pests’; S.K. Mukherjee, N.P. Dutta and J.N. Mukherjee’s ‘Research into Problems Relating to Coastal Soils’; G.S. Siddappa and Mohd. Ishaq’s ‘Canning of Grapes in Baluchistan’; Kedar Nath Chatterjee’s ‘Loss in Firewood by Drying During Storage’; P.K. De and M. Sulaiman’s ‘Influence of Algal Growth in the Rice Fields on the Yield of Crop’; and P.D. Gadkari’s ‘Further Studies in the Genetics of Lintlessness in Asiatic Cottons’. The articles were accompanied by plates.


The journal occasionally published useful lists such as the ‘List of Common Names of Indian Plant Diseases’ or statistical studies like ‘A Statistical Study of Rainfall in Indore’.

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