The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, August 1933
Document Title The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, August 1933
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Manager of Publications
Publisher Region Delhi
Publication Date 1933
Subject Agriculture and Environment
Title Pages Author / Editor
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Frontmatter i - vi unknown Download PDF (307 KB)
Original Articles
Blooming and Anthesis in Kolamba Rice 577 - 588 B. S. Kadam & G. G. Patil Download PDF (516 KB)
Inheritance of Characters in Sorghum -The Great Millet II. Purple Pigmentation on Leaf-Sheath and Glume 589 - 604 G. N. Ayyangar, C. Vijiaraghavan, V. Pillai & M. A. Ayyar Download PDF (918 KB)
Studies in Sorghum—the Great Millet II. Anther, Stigma and Grain Colour Affinities 605 - 608 G. N. Ayyangar, C. Vijiaraghavan, M. A. Ayyar & V. Rao Download PDF (310 KB)
Biometric Studies in Sorghum. The Relation of Yield to Other Characters in Andropogon Sorghum 609 - 625 S. N. Venkataramanan & P. Subramanyam Download PDF (785 KB)
Studies on the Nature of the Causative Agent of the Mosaic Disease of Tomatoes 626 - 638 S. V. Desai Download PDF (1.42 MB)
Studies on Schistocerca Gregaria Forsk. the Micropyle in Schistocerca Gregaria Forsk. and Some Other Acridhdæ 639 - 645 M. Husain & Mithan Roonwal Download PDF (681 KB)
Determination of Nitrogen in Soils, II. Protective Action of Silica as a Factor in the Estimation of Nitrogen by the Kjeldahl Method 646 - 657 A. Srinivasan & V. Subrahmanyan Download PDF (615 KB)
The Effect of Temperature on the Breakage of Rice During Milling 658 - i D. Rhind, U Tin Dip & Agri Download PDF (333 KB)
A Soft Rot of Apple 663 - 672 P. K. Dey & B. S. Nigam Download PDF (533 KB)
Preliminary Investigations on the Diseases of Bananas Occurring in the Punjab and Their Method of Control 673 - 687 B. L. Chona Download PDF (1.29 MB)
Studies on Pennisetum Typhoideum (Rich.)—The Pearl Millet, Part I. Anthesis 688 - 694 G. N. Ayyangar, C. Vijiaraghavan & V. Pillai Download PDF (634 KB)
Abstract 695 - 695 unknown Download PDF (37 KB)
Notes 696 - 699 unknown Download PDF (192 KB)
Scientific Monograph. No. 7 of the, Imperial Council of Agricultural Research, India 700 - 700 unknown Download PDF (32 KB)
Backmatter 1 - 4 unknown Download PDF (242 KB)
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