The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, October 1933
Document Title The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, October 1933
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Manager of Publications
Publisher Region Delhi
Publication Date 1933
Subject Agriculture and Environment
Title Pages Author / Editor
Observations on the Life-History, Bionomics and Control of the White-Fly of Cotton (Bemisia Gossypiperda M. & L.). 701 - 753 M. Husain & Kidar Trehan Download PDF (3.99 MB)
Studies in Indian Oats I. the Improvement of the Crop by Selection and the Acclimatization of Exotic Types 754 - 770 F. J. F. Shaw & Rakhal Bose Download PDF (693 KB)
Studies in Indian Oats II. Inheritance of Some Characters in Interspecific Crosses Between Avena Sativa L. and Avena Sterilis L. Var. Culta 771 - 807 F. J. F. Shaw & Rakhal Bose Download PDF (2.67 MB)
Inheritance of Grain Length in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) 808 - 819 K. Ramiah & N. Parthasarathi Download PDF (532 KB)
Nitrogen Balance in Black Cotton Soils in the Malwa Plateau, I. 820 - 832 Yeshwant Wad & V. G. Panse Download PDF (628 KB)
Mekran-Possibly the Country of Origin of the Great Locust Invasion of Sind in 1926 833 - v Y. Rao Download PDF (2.37 MB)
A Preliminary Note on the Breeding Grounds of the Desert Locust (Schistocerca Gregaria Forsk.) in Baluchistan 847 - 850 K. R. Karandikar Download PDF (245 KB)
Investigations on the Development of Prussic Acid in Cholam (Sorghum Vulgare) 851 - 869 C. Acharya Download PDF (1.46 MB)
Effect of Mosaic on the Tonnage and the Juice of Sugarcane in Pusa, Part III 870 - 880 W. Mcrae & L. S. Subramaniam Download PDF (523 KB)
An Alternaria Blight of the Linseed Plant 881 - 896 P. K. Dey Download PDF (1.09 MB)
Types of Sesamum Indicum D. C. in the Punjab 897 - 911 Ali Mohammad & Zafar Alam Download PDF (1.27 MB)
Fungi from Bombay 912 - 916 F. L. Stevens & A. S. Peirce Download PDF (178 KB)
Groundnut as a Rotation Crop with Cotton 917 - 932 D. N. Mahta & D. L. Janoria Download PDF (675 KB)
A Note on a Growth Abnormality of Punjab American Cottons 933 - 933 Mohammad Afzal Download PDF (59 KB)
A Note on the Chromosome Numbers in Cluster Beans, Cyamopsis Psoralioides D. C. 934 - 935 G. N. Ayyangar & N. Krishnaswamy Download PDF (98 KB)
Abstracts 936 - 936 unknown Download PDF (62 KB)
Maynard-Ganga Ram Prize 937 - 937 unknown Download PDF (30 KB)
Backmatter 1 - 4 unknown Download PDF (260 KB)
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