The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, September 1950
Document Title The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, September 1950
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Manager of Publications
Publisher Region Delhi
Publication Date 1950
Subject Agriculture and Environment
Title Pages Author / Editor
Cover i - i unknown Download PDF (204 KB)
Frontmatter i - i unknown Download PDF (51 KB)
Original Articles
Investigations on the Cold Storage of Mangoes 259 - 326 G.S. Cheema, D. V. Karmakar & B. M. Joshi Download PDF (4.92 MB)
Influence of Algal Growth in the Rice Fields on the Yield of Crop 327 - 342 P. K. De & M. Sulaiman Download PDF (453 KB)
Oxidation of Manganese Compounds in Soils Effect of Exchangeable Bases and Ph 343 - 346 C. L. Dhawan, Jagjiwan Singh & B. B. Bhatnagar Download PDF (837 KB)
A Study of Premature Drops in Oranges in Bihar 347 - 358 A. C. Sinha & P. C. Mallik Download PDF (679 KB)
Kans Grass (Saccharum Spontaneuml.) A Collateral Host for Sugarcane Smut in India 359 - 362 B. L. Chona & M. L. Gattani Download PDF (300 KB)
Studies on the Diseases of Sugarcane in India III. Sources and Modes of Red Rot Infection 363 - 386 B. L. Chona Download PDF (1.76 MB)
The Epidermal Characters of Sugarcane Leaf in Relation to Insect Pests 387 - 390 S. C. Verma & P. S. Mathur Download PDF (666 KB)
Phytophthora Parasitica on French Bean Phaseolus Vulgaris Linn 391 - 394 N. S. Venkatakrishnaiya Download PDF (743 KB)
Reviews 395 - 397 unknown Download PDF (138 KB)
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