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Title Journal of the University of Bombay
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name The University of Bombay
Publisher Region Bombay


Started in 1932, the Journal of the University of Bombay focused on the ‘Physical Sciences, including Mathematics’, ‘History, Economics and Sociology’, and ‘Biological Sciences including Medicine’ in separate numbers. The journal published articles, abstracts of doctoral and masters theses, notes, news and information, lists, and book reviews. Also published were the lists of M.Sc. and Ph.D. Graduates in Physics and Chemistry with the titles of their theses.


The Physical Sciences included physics, chemistry, mathematics and geology. Biological Sciences included botany, physiology, zoology and medicine. Published articles included S.V. Chandrasekhar Aiya’s ‘A Derivation of the Schrodinger Wave Equation’; G.S. Kasbekar’s ‘Viscosities of Aqueous Solutions’; H.D. De Sa’s ‘The Intricacies of Ectopic Pregnancy’; P.S. Dastur’s ‘The Triceps Brachii in Dog, Monkey and Man’; R.E. Cooper’s ‘Proliferation in the Flowers of Trichodesma Indicum’; and R.N. Sutaria’s ‘Flora of Mount Abu’. The Science issues of the journal also published ‘Science Notes’ and ‘Notes and News’.


The ‘History, Economics and Sociology’ issue of January 1941 included K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar’s ‘What is History?’; J.J. Anjaria’s ‘Some Aspects of the Marketing Problem under Imperfect Competition’; M.A. Mulky’s ‘Continental Banking and Industry’; K.S. Srikantan’s ‘Kautilya on Economic Planning’; F. Vreede’s ‘Hindu Tradition and Islamic Culture in Javanese Civilization’; and G.R. Pradhan’s ‘Folk-Songs from Marwar’. The journal published lists of books, reports and journals received by the journal office.

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