First publication page
Title Sri Sri Bishnupriya-Gauranga
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Sri Bishnupriya-Gauranga Kunja
Publisher Region Nabadwip


Sri Sri Bishnupriya-Gauranga was a Bengali religious journal devoted mainly to the promotion of Gauriya Vaishnavism. First published in 1329 B.S. (1922), the journal extolled the life and teachings of Sri Chaitanya and drew upon the stories and legends around the relationship of Sri Chaitanya or Gauranga and his wife Bishnupriya. Published monthly, the journal was edited by Sripad Haridas Goswami, a leading contemporary author of Vaishnava literature. It was published from Burashibtala Sri Sri Gaur-Bishnupriya Kunja at Nabadwip. The journal published devotional literature comprising poems, songs, sermons, hymns, stories, essays, commentaries, biographical accounts, letters, and book reviews. Two regular sections of the journal – ‘Somalochona’ (Criticism) and ‘Baishnab Sambad’ (News on Vaishnavism) – carried book reviews and various information and events about the Vaishnavite sect, respectively.

The devotees of Gauriya Vaishnavism were the key contributors to the journal. The most notable among them were Sril Madhusudan Goswami, Haridas Goswami, Basudeb Bhattacharya, Krishnapada Das, Nrityagopal Goswami, Mathuramohan Chakraborty, Maheshchandra Bhattacharya, Nagendranath Lahiri, Jogendramohan Das, Basanta Kumar De, Bidhubhushan Shastri, Sushila Sundari Debi, Harimohan Goswami, and Achyut Charan Chaudhury. While the life-stories of Sri Chaitanya and Bishnupriya occupied pride of place, the journal also encompassed larger spiritual, philosophical and religious themes. Haridas Goswami alone contributed a number of articles on various aspects of spirituality, philosophical ideas and religious virtues embedded in the teachings of Gauranga. The journal also discussed the incarnations (avatars) of Sri Gauranga. It emphasized the importance of the Vaishnava literary tradition, particularly the Vaishnava padavalis (verses) that led to the enriching of Bengali literature over time. The journal also dealt with the rich output of devotional songs in genres such as ‘Kirtan’ or ‘Sankirtan’, and the various festivals centering Gauranga, such as ‘Jhulan’ or ‘Janmastami’. The chief tenets of Vaishnavism were elaborately defined for the benefit of devotees and lay readers. The key themes were: ‘Atman’ (Self), ‘Sristi’ (Creation), ‘Karma’, ‘Gyan’ (Knowledge), ‘Bhakti’ (Devotion), ‘Prem’ (Love), ‘Mukti’ (Salvation), and ‘Dharma’ (Religion). Biographical accounts of some of Gauranga’s devotees such as Rup Sanatan, Chaitanyadas Babaji, Sri Sri Nitai, Sri Gour Das, and Brindaban Das appeared in the journal.

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