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Title The Dacca University Studies/Journal
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The Dacca University Journal was the annual publication of the Dacca University Students’ Union. Started in 1925, the journal was primarily the organ of the Students’ Union. The journal’s first editors were C.L. Wrenn and S.K. De. The journal was run by a Journal Committee. Both students and teachers of the university contributed to the journal, which published articles, commentaries, biographies, and reports. The Dacca University Journal also published reports of the activities of the Students’ Union and of the various student organizations such as the Islamic Students’ Association, D.U. English Association, Laughing Club, Dacca University Athletic Club, Muslim Hall Union, and Jagannath Hall Union.


Published articles included Matindra Chandra Bardhan’s ‘Democracy in Danger’; Kalipada Banerjee’s ‘Some Aspects of Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound’; Abul Hussain’s ‘The Burden of the Bengal Peasant’; Prithwis Chandra Chakravarti’s ‘Asoka as a Man and as a King’; S.K. De’s ‘Beginnings of English Education in Bengal’; Kedar Nath Basu’s ‘The Indian Currency Policy’; Arun Chandra Dasgupta’s ‘Rabindranath’s Gitanjali and its Philosophy of Life’; Bidhu Bhusan Ghosh’s ‘The Iron and Steel Industry in India’; and Kazi Mahabbat Ali’s ‘World Peace – A Myth’.


Following The Dacca University Journal, the university brought out its own journal in November 1935, The Dacca University Studies. This journal’s first editors were R.C. Majumdar, S.N. Bose and M. Hasan. The journal published articles and editorial notes. Published articles included Pramode Lal Paul’s ‘The Date of the Khadga Dynasty’; Sukunar Ray’s ‘The Death of Himu’; M.I. Borrah’s ‘An Account of the Immigration of Persian Poets into Bengal’; and Pulin Behari Sarkar’s ‘On the Constitution of Lignin’.

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