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Started in 1297 B.S. (1890), Sahitya was one of the oldest and popular Bengali literary journals of colonial Bengal. Published monthly and edited for many years by Suresh Chandra Samajpati, the journal encapsulated a variety of themes from literature, history, society and culture. The journal was published from its office at Ramdhan Mitra Lane, Calcutta. It published poems and stories, translations, essays, commentaries, literary critiques, travelogues, biographical accounts, obituaries, and book reviews. Two regular sections that featured in the journal and which seemed to have become very popular were ‘Sahajogi Sahitya’ (Supporting Literature) and ‘Mashik Sahitya Somalochona’ (Monthly Literary Critiques).

Sahitya was known for its rich repertoire of poems and stories contributed by authors such as Akhshay Kumar Boral, Dinendra Kumar Roy, Debendranath Sen, Munindranath Ghose, Jatindramohan Bandyopadhyay, Sourindramohan Mukhopadhyay, Surendranath Majumdar, and Hemendra Prasad Ghose. The journal also published translations of foreign literature. Sarojnath Ghose was one of the leading translators for the journal. Long and critical book reviews, insightful critiques of contemporary literary periodicals, and comparative discussion on Indian and foreign literature were some of the hallmarks of the journal. In the non-fiction writings, historical themes and characters predominated. For example, the figures of Ashoka, Kalidasa, Dharma Pala, Lakshman Sena, Jalaluddin Khilji, Shivaji, Mir Kashem, Debi Singha and Annie Besant featured prominently.

Some of the more important contributions were Abdul Karim’s ‘Prachin Banga Sahitye Bouddha Kabya’ (Buddhist Poetry in Ancient Bengali Literature); Dwijendra Lal Roy’s ‘Kalidas o Bhabahuti’ (Kalidas and Bhababhuti); Dinendra Kumar Ray’s ‘Gujrate Maratha Adhikar’ (Maratha Supremacy in Gujarat); Indu Madhav Mallick’s ‘Acharya Basu’r Nutan Abiskar’ (The New Discovery of Acharya Basu); Ramendra Sundar Trivedi’s serialized ‘Jagat-Kotha’ (The Story of the World); Nagendranath Basu’s ‘Prachin Bangla’ (Ancient Bengal); Pramathanath Sen’s ‘Bankim Chandrer Swadeshprem’ (The Patriotism of Bankim Chandra); Rajendralal Acharya’s ‘Prachin Mishorer Shason’ (The Administration of Ancient Egypt); Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar’s ‘Maharastra Sahitya’ (Maharastra Literature); Shashadhar Ray’s ‘Deho o Karmo’ (Body and Work); Satish Chandra Ghose’s ‘Chakma Rajgoner Brittanta’ (An Account of the Chakma Kings); and Hirendranath Datta’s ‘Upanishode Khatriya Probhab’ (The Khsatriya Impact on the Upanishads).

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