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Title The Bulletin of the Bureau of Economics and Statistics, Government of Bombay
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name Bureau of Economics and Statistics, Secretariat
Publisher Region Bombay


The Bureau of Economics and Statistics, Government of Bombay began to publish its mouthpiece The Bulletin of the Bureau of Economics and Statistics, Government of Bombay from July 1947. The publication was a quarterly journal printed at the Government Central Press, Bombay. The journal was obtainable from the Superintendent, Government Printing and Stationery, Bombay as well as through the High Commissioner for India, India House at London. The journal published articles, reports, notes, reviews, and statistics.


The journal published reports on a series of government-conducted surveys and studies on various aspects of public policy in the province of Bombay – education, health, food and nutrition, the cooperative movement, company registration, and factories. These included ‘A Study in the Public Health of Bombay Province’, ‘The Grain Levy Scheme in Operation’, ‘A Report on the Clinical Nutrition Survey Conducted in the Primary Schools in the City of Bombay (1945–46)’ and ‘A Sample Survey of Agricultural Holdings and Extent of Fragmentation in Bombay Province’. Other published articles included V.V. Divatia’s ‘A Note on Petrol Consumption in Bombay Province’; M.A. Telang’s ‘A Review of the Co-operative Movement in Bombay Province’; and D.K. Viswanathan’s ‘A Study of the Effects of Malaria and Malaria Control Measures on Population and Vital Statistics in Kanara and Dharwar Districts as Compared with the Rest of the Province of Bombay’.


The journal provided statistics relating to agriculture, rainfall and the condition of crops, food and rationing, prices, finance and business, trade and commerce, the trade union movement, the census of displaced persons, and so forth. The reports and statistics covered different parts of Bombay Province including Ahmedabad, Kaira, Broach, Panch Mahals, Khandesh, Sholapur, Kolaba, Thana, Dharwar, Ratnagiri, Kanara, Surat and Nasik.

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