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Title Harijan
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Publisher Name Jivanji Dahyabhai Desai


Harijan was a weekly journal founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1933. Published under the auspices of the Harijan Sevak Sangh, the journal dealt mainly with the political, social and economic problems of colonial India. The journal was published first from the Aryabhushan Press of Poona and then at the Navajivan Press of Ahmedabad. Mahadev Desai was one of its earliest editors. Mahatma Gandhi was a key contributor to the journal, and his writings made it widely acclaimed and highly popular. The other important contributor was the journal’s editor, Mahadev Desai. The journal published articles, reports and notes.


The writings of Gandhi published in Harijan represented his ideas, views, and programs during the last and most crucial phase of the Indian national movement, against the backdrop of world events including the Second World War. Some key articles were: ‘Martial v. Moral’, ‘Functions of the Working Committee’, ‘Is Violence Creeping In?’, ‘How to Save Handloom Weavers?’, ‘Recent Riots in Burma’, ‘Hand-spun as Measure of Value’, ‘Communal Unity’, ‘Plain Living and High Thinking’, and ‘The Ashram Prayer’. Gandhi’s speeches delivered on different occasions were also reproduced in the journal.


Other articles and notes encompassed various aspects of India’s politics, society, economy and culture – Congress politics, agrarian society, poverty, rural reconstruction, education, and divinity. Published articles included Mahadev Desai’s ‘Triumph of Non-violence’, ‘Hindu–Muslim Unity in Action’ and ‘Kisans and Zamindars’; C.F. Andrews’ ‘Problem of Repatriates’ and ‘The Divine Persuasion’; V.L. Mehta’s ‘Khadi among the Raniparaj’; T.B. Bhatt’s ‘Training School for Village Workers’; A.K. Chowdhry’s ‘Handloom Industry’; Maurice Firedman’s ‘The Problem of Village Industries’; and H. Tao’s ‘The People’s Education Movement’.


The journal published the list of Harijan students who were awarded the annual Gandhi Higher Education Scholarships.


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