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Title Nabya Bharat
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Debiprasanna Roychowdhury


Started in 1290 B.S. (1883), Nabya Bharat was a Bengali literary monthly. Printed at the Victoria Press and published by Nababharat Karjalay, Calcutta, the journal focused on literature, religion, philosophy and society. One of the journal’s first editors was Debiprasanna Roychoudhury. The journal published poems, short stories and novels along with articles, comments, obituaries and book reviews.


Essays and commentaries published in the journal encompassed subjects such as divinity, religious systems, caste, marriage and social ills. Published articles included Bijaychandra Majumdar’s ‘Iswarbiswas o Darshanik Proman’ (Divine Faith and Philosophical Proof); Dwijadas Datta’s ‘Iswargyan Prattakhsha ki Porokhsha?’ (Is Divine Knowledge Direct or Indirect?); Jagadiswar Gupta’s ‘Chaitanyacharit o Chaitanya Dharma’ (Chaitanya Charita and the Chaitanya Cult); Khirodchandra Roychoudhury’s ‘Banglar Barbar Jati’ (The Barbaric Peoples of Bengal); Debendrabijay Basu’s ‘Sankhya Darshan’ (Sankhya Philosophy); Bishnucharan Chattopadhyay’s ‘Soundarjya Tattva’ (Aesthetic Theory); Jogindranath Basu’s ‘Nabajiban o Bidhoba Bibaho’ (Nabajiban and Widow Remarriage); and Siddheswar Roy’s ‘Hindu Somaje Jatibhed’ (Caste Divisions in Hindu Society).

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