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Title Paricharika (Naba Parjaya)
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Coochbihar Sahitya Sabha


Paricharika was the monthly journal of the Kochbihar Sahitya Sabha. Printed at the Cooch Behar State Press, the new series (Naba Parjaya) started in 1323 B.S. (1916). Primarily intended as a literary journal, Paricharika published essays, commentaries, travelogues, letters and musical notations along with poems, short stories, plays and novellas. The journal contained rich illustrations.


Contributors included Janaki Ballav Biswas, Kumudranjan Mallick, Sailabala Ghoshjaya, Basanta Kumar Chattopadhyay, Jitendranath Basu, Niharbala Debi, Kalidas Ray, Khitindranath Tagore, Bijaykrishna Ghosh, Saracchandra Ghosal, Prabhabati Debi and Rabindranath Tagore. Key subjects were literature, history, society, culture and religion. Published articles included Asruman Das Gupta’s ‘Swadeshi Sahitya’ (Swadeshi Literature); Bireswar Sen’s ‘Bibaho o Bibaher Pon’ (Marriage and Dowry); Nalinikanta Majumdar’s ‘Bhabanipur Tirthe’ (At the Pilgrimage of Bhawanipur); Janakiballav Biswas’ ‘Bharater Jatiya Sikhsha Somosya’ (The Problems of India’s National Education); and Anathkrishna Deb’s ‘Amader Hindur Nari Puja’ (Female Worship among Our Hindus). Mohini Sen Gupta contributed musical notations to the journal serially. The journal’s illustrations were done by artists such as Asit Kumar Halder and Anadinath Sanyal.


The journal published reports and proceedings of the annual conferences of the Kochbihar Sahitya Sabha including the presidential addresses. The journal also published statements of accounts.

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