First publication page
Title Om Pratiddhani
Document Type Journal
Language Bengali
Publisher Name Sri Snehamoy Brahmachari
Publisher Region Varanasi


Started in 1359 B.S. (1952), Om Pratiddhani was an illustrated Bengali monthly. The journal was edited by Srimati Sadhana Debi from Ajachak Ashram, Benares, and was published from the Pratiddhani Karjalay, Benares. Devoted chiefly to religion and medicine and health, the journal published poems, songs, hymns, religious teachings, articles, and translations. Editorial essays addressed contemporary issues such as ‘Swadhin Bharate Jogyotar Somman’ (Honor of Merit in Independent India), ‘Mantrider Betan Hrash’ (Lowering Ministers’ Pay), ‘Jamidari Prothar Bilop’ (Abolition of Zamindari), and ‘Chine Sanskritik Mission’ (Cultural Mission to China).


Om Pratiddhani published the teachings of Sri Sri Swami Swarupananda Paramhangshadeb in the journal’s section entitled ‘Akhanda-Sanhita’. Articles on religion included Suresh Chandra Nath-Majumdar’s ‘Dharma-Jagate Bangalir Daan’ (The Bengali Contribution in Religion) and Bisweswar Bandyopadhyay’s ‘Iswar Tattva’ (Divine Theory). The journal reported on religious activities such as nagar sankirtan organised by Akhanda-Mandalis. The journal also published reports on the activities of mandalis such as the Shilchar Akhanda-Mandali and the Sahebpur Akhanda-Mandali.


On medicine and health, articles included Nagesh Brahmachari’s ‘Ayurbeder Kotha’ (The Story of Ayurveda) and Gourangalal Sarkar’s ‘Sharirer Jatno’ (Caring for One’s Health). The journal provided lists of medicines promoted and sold by the Ajachak Ashram with brief notes on their utility and efficacy. The journal acknowledged the donors to various religious programs dedicated to Swami Swarupananda.

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