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Title The Mission Field: A Monthly Record of the Proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel at Home and Abroad.
Document Type Journal
Language English
Publisher Name G. Bell & Sons
Publisher Region London


Founded in 1856, The Mission Field was ‘A Monthly Record of the Proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel at Home and Abroad’. The journal was published by G. Bell & Sons from London. The progenitor of The Mission Field was a Quarterly Paper which was started in 1839. This was followed by two monthly magazines – the Gospel Missionary and the Monthly Record started in 1851 and 1852 respectively. The latter, which ‘consisted each month of one paper – admirably written – of sixteen pages, descriptive of the history of some diocese, or aspect of Missionary work’, continued for four years, when it was superseded by the Mission Field. The new journal’s chief object was ‘to present to its readers extracts from the letters and reports of the Bishops and other Missionaries abroad, telling in their own words what is going on in their several spheres of labour’. The journal formed a ‘wonderful Missionary library’, for a study of the Christianization of England, the Medieval Church or the expansion of the Anglican Church. The journal recorded the growth of the Colonial Episcopate around the world and highlighted the Society’s role in the foundation of the Church in British Columbia, Madagascar, Upper Burma, the Transvaal, Japan, China, Honolulu, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India.


The journal published speeches, reports, notes, articles, book reviews, proceedings of meetings and statements of income. Published articles included Rev. J. Mitchinson’s ‘Church Discipline Beyond the Seas’; Rev. E.J. Fessenden’s ‘The Past and Future of Missions’; and Rev. G.U. Pope’s ‘The Administration of Church Discipline in India, With Regard to Native Converts from Heathenism, in Respect of the Difficulties Arising Out of Native Customs’.

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Publication Year 1888

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