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Title The Mysore Economic Journal. A Monthly Periodical devoted to the Discussion of all Economic Topics of Interest
Document Type Journal
Language English


Started in 1915, The Mysore Economic Journal was a monthly publication devoted to ‘the Discussion of all Economic Topics of Interest’. The journal published articles, notes, reports and book reviews.


Published articles included Lanka Sundaram’s ‘Economic Policy of Lord Linlithgow’ and ‘The Cotton Crisis in India’; R.H.C.’s ‘Rural Reconstruction in Mysore’; C. Hayavadana Rao’s ‘Capitalism in India’; S. Ganapati Rao’s ‘The Size of a Typical Sugar Factory in India’; C.V. Krishnaswamy’s ‘The Mysore Village Then and Now’; and Jahangir Coyaji’s ‘Some Economic Problems of Socialism’.


The section ‘Economics in the West’ focused on aspects of economic growth and policy in the western world; for example, ‘Economic Progress in the Baltic States’, ‘United States Taxes on Company Profits’, ‘Economic Conditions of Holland Since the Departure from Gold’, and ‘Britain’s Roads’. ‘Educational Notes’ included ‘Eliminating Wastage in Education’, ‘Wardha Plan of National Education’, ‘Indian Students’ Responsibilities’, ‘Basic Education’, ‘Vocational Education’ and ‘Self-Expression, the Goal of Education’. Some themes of interest were rural reconstruction, Soviet industry, industrial conciliation in South Africa, Indian industry, public works, standard of living in India, and cooperative credit structures. The journal also occasionally published important reports such as the Reserve Bank Statutory Report or the Interim Report of the Textile Labour Inquiry Committee.

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